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Trimble Link - Fatal Error

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04-11-2014 07:10 AM



I have an issue using Trimble Link (on ACAD C3D 2014).  Whenever i try to export a surface...whether it be exporting to SCS900, Access, or GCS900, it causes a fatal error in the program the instant I click the 'export surface" button.  I have the latest service pack installed, and a fresh DL from Trimble website for Trimble Link Addon.


Can this be fixed?



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Re: Trimble Link - Fatal Error

04-21-2014 06:44 AM in reply to: andrewfoss01

Thanks for the help guys 



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Re: Trimble Link - Fatal Error

04-21-2014 07:17 AM in reply to: andrewfoss01

What service pack are you running, specifically? Also, what are the specs on your hardware?


You may want to try contacting Trimble or your local dealer who should be able to contact the right people at Trimble. It is a very small minority of Trimble users on this forum and they may not have come across this issue yet.

-Ian McClain
(running C3D 2012 sp4, Win7 64bit, 8GB)
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Re: Trimble Link - Fatal Error

04-21-2014 02:27 PM in reply to: IanMcClain

This has happened before with Civil 3D 2012. The crash was extremely efficient: Press "export surface" button and Civil 3D dissappears off your screen. Very elegant and streamlined, no error messages, none of the normal useless windows methods suggesting to troubeshhot the problem, no chance to senf a report, just poof and gone. 


AutoCAD said it was a Trimble Issue.

Trimble told me all software issues were AutoCAD's.


The isue in 2012 was resolved with SP1. Meaning it was an AutoCAD issue, as it used the same Trimble add-on version.


I've stopped using this Trimble add-on, as everytime you have a new software version, your process gets put out of action for up to six months.


Instead I export a DWG with 3D faces, and then build the surface in TBC, then upload to he survey controllers.


Thanks to AutoCAD for making this otherwise very good add-on a waste of time.


My rant for the day.


Hans Moller
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