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tin lines

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01-29-2013 05:14 AM

I created a surface with a boundary. At a couple locations near the boundary line, there are areas where there are no tin lines. I keep trying to add lines in order to fill in these areas but the software will not allow me to draw the lines. Would anyone be able to think of any reasons why this might be?


I tried moving the boundary outward, and at one of the locations the TIN lines came in after rebuilding the surface. The same cannot be said for the other locations, however.


Any ideas would be appreciated.


Thanks very much



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Re: tin lines

01-29-2013 05:25 AM in reply to: DrWileFTracer

I believe you need to use non-destructive breaklines when creating the boundary.


Non-Destructive Breakline

Specifies whether or not to create boundaries with non-destructive breaklines. This clips the triangle edges exactly where they cross the boundary.

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Re: tin lines

01-29-2013 05:33 AM in reply to: DrWileFTracer

can  you post the surface, or at least a small portion of the surface where the problem exists?

someone may be able to find a solution.


I've had similar issues and always seemed to be able to get the tin lines to show eventually.



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Re: tin lines

01-29-2013 05:50 AM in reply to: DrWileFTracer

Sometimes it is easier to force the tin lines by adding a surface point instead of adding lines.

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Re: tin lines

01-29-2013 04:09 PM in reply to: DrWileFTracer

You are probably exceeding the maximum triangle lenght.


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Re: tin lines

01-30-2013 06:38 AM in reply to: DrWileFTracer

One of the first things to check when you have boundary issues is to make sure that they are modeled in the correct order. A single outer boudary would typically be the last operation on a surface. If you are unsure about the operation order of your boundary, open the surface's properties dialog. Go to the definition tab and look for your boundary operation in the operations list. If it is not last select it and use the arrow buttons to the left to move it down. Rebuild and see if the boundary is processed correctly.

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