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Surfaces from Corridor

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08-04-2011 02:16 PM

Somewhat flummoxed here.  I'm attempting to create a surfacefrom a corridor and I'm coming up with the following situation: I have a LaneOutsideSuperMultiLayer sub abutting up with a ShoulderMultilayerVaryingWidth sub.  I'm trying to create a surface at the bottom of Base2/top of Base3.  The Lane sub places the surface at the botom of Base2, but places it at the top of the Shoulder's Base2,  see atached.

Andrew Coursen PE & LS
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Re: Surfaces from Corridor

08-06-2011 04:20 AM in reply to: aecoursen

If you check out the help, it shows that for the LaneOutsideSuperMultiLayer sub, the link code on the bottom of the "Base 2" Shape is "Base2" but for the ShoulderMultilayerVaryingWidth sub, the bottom of the "Base 2" Shape is "Base3", which is what is causing your problem.


Obviously someone at autodesk should have checked this before release.


As you are building your surface from links, and the links codes on the bottom of base2 don't match you are getting the step in your surface.


If you build your "RAMP TNO Top of DGA" surface from feature lines, you can use the featurelines codes "ETW_Base2" which is the inside bottom of the BASE2 layer, and "LANE_BASE2" which is the outside bottom of the BASE2 layer for the LaneOutsideSuperMultiLayer sub, and "EPS_SubBase1" which is the bottom outside of the BASE2 layer for the ShoulderMultilayerVaryingWidth sub.


If this fixed your issue, click on "Accept as Solution"

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