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Surface display ByBlock

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08-22-2013 02:10 PM

I set up a surface style all on layer 0 and ByBlock.  All the componants display whatever the surface object is set to in properties: either ByLayer or whatever colour I set it to.

Then I decided that I wanted to see the surface points.  They were switched off until this time.  So I turned them on.  Ok, still needed a little more definition.  They were hard to see with everything the same colour.  My TIN and contours were all a blueish purple ByLayer (colour 177), so I made the points red in the style.  Look back at my drawing, and everything else goes red too!  Can you test this?  If the surface points are set in the style to a colour, and everything else is set to ByBlock, everything will display the colour of the points!

I worked around it by setting everything (except the points) to ByLayer instead in the surface style; this works as expected.


Civil 3D 2013, HF3.0, 32 bit

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Re: Surface display ByBlock

08-22-2013 06:42 PM in reply to: troma

Confirmed in 2014 HF1.  If the point color is set to something specific then any other component set to BYBLOCK will also change to match that color.


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