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SuperImposed Profiles

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11-08-2011 07:48 AM

Hey all,


Running Civil 3D 2011 and i have a simple question I'm certain someone can answer fairly easily for me.  It's dealing directly with Superimposed profiles. 


I'm doing Curb Retun profiles based on the corridor that I have created along a roadway.  When I use the SuperImposed profile I get a profile line from the original alignment of the road to display in my curb return profile.  That's great.  The big question that i have and I only ask this because one of my alignments is along the gutter of an existing road which Tee's into my roadway so it's brought up this question and I really can't figure out the answer.  My gutter line is awfully close to the elevations of the superimposed profile from the roadway.  Now I know the difference from the Centerline of my new road to the new gutter along that road is 0.10' so really not much fall.  Usually I superimpose the profile from the Centerline FG of the roadway into the profile of the curb return, trace it with a polyline then drop it the necessary distance to reflect the assembly assigned to that road for that distance in this case 0.1'.  If I do this it is signifcantly lower then my exisitng gutter profile that is also superimposed, a good 0.5' lower.  Which makes me wonder and here's the question, when superimposing a profile that has a corridor and assembly attached to it does the resulting profile reflect the assembly settings for the original profile?  Or is the resulting superimposed profile an exact representation of the original profile without any adjustments for slopes, grades etc from the corridor that may be attached to it? 


Thus the questions have come up.  NOw I know when the roadway was designed, it was designed not to be 0.5' lower than the existing roadway at the gutter line thus the reason for my question.  Graphically it looks like not only did it superimpose but it also lowered itself to the new elevations along the gutter line for the new profile.  If that's the case, great just saved me three steps, if not well I need to know so I can design these curb returns right.


Thanks for the help.


Heidi B.

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Re: SuperImposed Profiles

11-08-2011 08:37 AM in reply to: tsaxy2k8

The superposition should not be lowering profile elevations. What is defined in the source profile should de displayed with the same elevations in the superimposed view.

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Re: SuperImposed Profiles

11-08-2011 09:20 AM in reply to: jmayo

thanks that's what I needed to know.



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