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Subassembly Composer Flowchart setup and Best Practices?

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10-09-2012 03:45 PM

I've been doing some reading and designing of my own subassemblies with SAC and I couldn't help but notice some of the other 3rd party software seems to help fill in the blanks. So Autodesk Gurus let's fill in some of the blanks here, please.


Why all the guess work? The documentation, "How to", and best practices for the SAC are virtually non-existent. Why isn't there more effort from Autodesk being spent here to help the user community to pick up the Subassembly Composer. I realize it's basically programming and some may not be comfortable. In order to design properly the SAC is vital to Civil 3D, as the out-of-the-box stock SAs often can't get you what you need.


What I'm looking for here is a method to the madness. Insight on best practices. Mainly informative solutions to the items that one normally wouldn't have a clue about. I've read that I can place all my points within a Sequence, then Links in Sequence, etc. So then am I able to place the Auxiliary elements in a separate sequence, and if so where in the order of the flowchart do these elements need to be? I realize the links can't appear before the points, but where to other elements fall within the flowchart. Is there anything else we need to ensure while creating our own custom subassemblies?


I'm basically starting to design a LaneSuperelevationAOR (with variable base and subbase cross slopes) and ShoulderExtendAll.pkt files, so if anyone (Peter Funk, Kati Mercier) has anything to contribute here, please let us know. Big thanks in advance.


Be sure to hand out Kudos to those chiming in with great ideas for the Autodesk Subassembly Composer.

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Re: Subassembly Composer Flowchart setup and Best Practices?

10-09-2012 08:36 PM in reply to: LeafRiders

I usually group my subassembly based on the layers of what I'm designing. I'll start by grouping from the attachment point down. Above the sequences of layers, if there is a lot of codes that are going to be the same, I'll create variables for the codes, so I only have spot to change them. I try to stay away from decisions and use variables and if then statements to assign the values. I find it cleaner this way. 



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