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Re: Subassembly Composer Conditional SA

07-24-2012 10:54 AM in reply to: sboon

Hi Steve


Yes, my "ConditionalSlope" subassembly checks for the slope between the connection point and the target.


I am guessing you are looking for a ConditionalHeight subassembly that checks for the height between the connection point and the target, given the slope from the connection.


Let me know if this is correct and if there is still a requirement for this subassembly and when I have some time (use the term loosely) I can look into modifying my subassembly. Hopefully it is easily salvageable from 2009.



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Re: Subassembly Composer Conditional SA

04-09-2013 05:39 AM in reply to: peterfunkautodesk

What is the progress status now on control flow statements in SAC for 2014 from Development? 


In the Expressions dialog boxes we it would be so helpful to have as a start:


  1. a Do While loop function
  2. Case Statement - for organization of our current compound IF statements, such as this impressive parenthetical jungle of an example from Dixon and Civil3DReminders:


IF(0.00<ABS({Surface Slope})<=0.01,0.03+((({Surface Slope Distance}/22.13)^0.2)*SIN(ATAN(ABS({Surface Slope})))*10.8),

IF(ABS({Surface Slope})<=0.03, 0.03+((({Surface Slope Distance}/22.13)^0.3)*SIN(ATAN(ABS({Surface Slope})))*10.8),

IF(ABS({Surface Slope})<=0.05, 0.03+((({Surface Slope Distance}/22.13)^0.4)*SIN(ATAN(ABS({Surface Slope})))*10.8),

IF(ABS({Surface Slope})<=0.09, 0.03+((({Surface Slope Distance}/22.13)^0.5)*SIN(ATAN(ABS({Surface Slope})))*10.8),

IF(1.0>ABS({Surface Slope})>0.09, (({Surface Slope Distance}/22.13)^0.5)*(SIN(ATAN(ABS({Surface Slope})))/0.0896)^0.6,0)))))



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Re: Subassembly Composer Conditional SA

09-10-2013 02:04 AM in reply to: mfernandes
Yep no looping statements in SAC! infuriating as hell!! Kapanther
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