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Style refernce Text

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04-24-2012 11:26 AM

I have an offset style, offset based on a Reference Cogo Point and Aligment.

If I change to a difference style, the reference cogo point goes to "none".

I need to change to a Child style, but use the same cogo point.


Is there a way to keep the orginal Value (cogo point)?



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Re: Style refernce Text

04-27-2012 09:23 AM in reply to: rfg018

Hi rfg018,


I am not sure I completely follow so please bear with me. My understanding is that when you created points from alignment offsets they were created using the default style. At that time the pointes were placed (most likely) in _All Points point group, which has a label setting <none>. Is this correct?


Now, you would like to change the style to use a child style. If you g into _All Points point group properties and under point label style, you should have child style listed. You should also be able to pick it. Do you not seeing it?


So, in my opinion, your option is to set default styles in Point Creation to the desired ones or change it with current point group or creating a child style under the one being used.

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Re: Style refernce Text

04-27-2012 01:12 PM in reply to: rfg018

No I'm not creating points, I'm labeling offset from an existing point to the aligment.  Part of the offset label is Reference text, which is the description from the point.  So to lablel the offset, I pick the aligment, then node of the civil point, then I have to pick the same point to get the refernce informantion.  if I have to rotate the offset lable, the lable text is backwards, si I have another offset style.  However when I switch style, the reference text goes to 'NONE'.


I use the property menu to do the changes.


Hope this is clearer

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Re: Style refernce Text

04-28-2012 08:39 PM in reply to: rfg018

When you switch from one label style to another, the link to the reference object is deleted.  There isn`t much that you can do about it, except to reset the link again.  In this case you would have to set each of the reference links individually, since they point to separate cogo points.


The only thing I can suggest is that you modify the style so that it flips automatically - if that`s possible.

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