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Stretch Profile with change in Alignment

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01-26-2010 01:31 PM
This kind of takes off from the thread,
We have a miles long trail in the early stages of design.
If we add a switchback to the trail (adding a few hundred feet) then everything up station needs to change in the profile view.
Of course the Existing Grade profile changes fine, but the proposed now needs to be 'stretched' from the point of change the same distance that was added to the alignment.
Some solutions to this from the above mentioned thread are:
- Select multiple PVI grips using shift+select and move them all appropriately. That's okay for a short distance, but not practical for several miles.
- A third party software seems to take care of much of this as well.
- Another person mentioned other things but it was related to piping which does not apply to our situation.
I need to learn some .net programming. This seems like it would be an easy fix. But I'm an old dog now with too many things to do.

Has anyone else come up with any other solutions? We are on Civil and Civil 3D 2010. And by the way, Windows 7 helps a LOT with memory issues and crashes.
*Matt Kolberg
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Re: Stretch Profile with change in Alignment

01-26-2010 01:39 PM in reply to: hardin
Those are your best options. If you do a lot of this Sinc's program will
pay for itself relatively soon.

Matt Kolberg
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Re: Stretch Profile with change in Alignment

01-26-2010 01:43 PM in reply to: hardin
Thanks for the bad news....
Surely this will soon be a standard C3D feature.
Another tool kit I found....

Yes, these tools can pay for themselves quickly, but it's just one more thing to keep up with when upgrading and such.
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Re: Stretch Profile with change in Alignment

07-03-2011 07:26 PM in reply to: hardin
Any quick fixes here? I'm also looking for a way to keep my proposed profile the same. I'm changing the beginning of my profile per engineer request and having to re sketch it. At the beginning we have an area of alignment that is constantly being revised......and up road I have already balanced pad areas. I do no want to spend more and more time sliding my corridor target areas to match what has already been achieved! And also re balancing what has already been balanced. If I could just keep everything beyond a certain station exactly the same in profile and corridor, everything would be awesome!!!!!
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Re: Stretch Profile with change in Alignment

07-04-2011 12:49 PM in reply to: Reyzekd

Pick a point on your alignment that is past any changes you are about to make. Mark it with a point or circle. Make changes to your alignment before this point. Then, go to Alignment Properties > Stations and make that point or circle the same station as it was before the changes were made. Everything past that point in your alignment, profile, and corridor will revert to where it was pre-changes.


This may not work so well for alignments that are miles long, but it will save adjustments past your alignment revision area. Also, it may make stationing before the change area different. (e.g. negative stationing if you began at 0+00, or 9+50 if you started with 10+00. You should be able to live with this.)


Not perfect, but certainly saves some time.

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