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AutoCAD Civil 3D General Discussion

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Re: Slow Civil 3d, cause by slow server, but still frustrated

07-04-2013 02:30 AM in reply to: Hammer.john.j

Hi all,


In Autocad LT 2014, my client was seeing the same millions of accesses to C:\windows\CSC with some drawings (using procmon.exe). This made it impossible to switch between viewports: "Not responding" more than 15minutes, and finally Acad either crashed or the process had to be killed.


We were able to dramatically reduce this delay by disabling the Windows Offline Folders (Start > control panel > Sync Center, see

Switching between viewports now takes "only" 20-30 seconds.


The tip to disable Offline Files was suggested in an older post:

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Re: Slow Civil 3d, cause by slow server, but still frustrated

07-08-2013 07:41 AM in reply to: gert.cuypers

That's good you were able to figure out your problem.

Our users though are complaining in general that things like switching viewports  shouldn't take 20-30 seconds to switch, in my opinion switching viewports should only take about 5 seconds.


I still haven't heard from Autodesk explaining to me why acad.exe looks for files in places it shouldn't be looking in.

I have sent them the processmon file showing proof of what acad.exe is looking for and I haven't heard anything.



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Re: Slow Civil 3d, cause by slow server, but still frustrated

10-10-2013 02:11 PM in reply to: brent.morris

I spoke too soon on several counts.


2012 and 2013 behave the same now, that is, delays when switching between drawings when Toolspace is open, delays when expanding the trees in Toolspace, etc.


Had thought that all the WAN and hardware upgrades had done the trick. They did for a while, but everything is broken again. I try to remember to close Toolspace before CTRL-Tabbing between drawings, but in the heat of battle, I often forget, so I get the watch the whirly cursor do it's thing, and the title bar text flicker.


Yup, we have a few Vault licenses that don't get used very much, if at all. It works, but it is a pain when only a handful of people actually need it (people like me in a remote office), but most who need to access the Vault don't actually need it (the people in the home office where the main server is located.)


Thankfully, I'm retired and I am working on an hourly basis for a little supplemental income. Having to deal with this 40 hrs a week would be unbearable......

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Re: Slow Civil 3d, cause by slow server, but still frustrated

10-21-2013 08:05 PM in reply to: kickhead70

Some reponse from Autodesk at this point would be really good . I'm running 58 survey crews on an LNG construction project, and some pointers to help organise the AutoCAD setup better would be a great help. My staff are experiencing the described delays delays persistently, until now I was blaming my company's IT network for most of this, but the symptoms are very like those described in the above contributions.

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Re: Slow Civil 3d, cause by slow server, but still frustrated

11-12-2013 11:39 PM in reply to: HansSMS
For what its worth maybe it could be something to do with the profile of C3D. I experienced this problem recently around the time when our ot department decided to rename one of our drives. It would take around 1-2 minutes to open the open dialogue box and the Save As dialogue box as well as the XREF dialogue box. As you are all aware this is frustrating as well as commands freezing and watching the blue wheel go round and round.
I initially thought that my machine was looking for some external file or reference when perfoming these commands so I checked that all my options had search paths on my local drive which they were.
Eventually I had had enough and so once my 3D work was done I switched to C3D as AutoCAD profile and all of a sudden everything was ok. I can open and Save As normally and XREF dialogue box opens fine. If I open C3D at the same time the C3D as AutoCAD profile starts with the same behaviour as before, slow operation and huge delays. I am going to try to restore my C3D user profile and I will post the results.

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Re: Slow Civil 3d, cause by slow server, but still frustrated

02-12-2014 05:45 AM in reply to: gert.cuypers


Wie have the same Problem with ACA 2014.

have you try it with a User who hase noch Server profil an no H Drive in AD.

When we deaktivate the Serverprofil an delete the Homde Drive Folder Path in AD ist works faster.

When the User ist loged on you can map the Home drive manuell.

When you delete the Profile Path an the Home Drive Path, delelte the Local profil from the User.

Restart the Computer an log on the user again.

Or create a testuser without Home Drive and Profil Path.


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Re: Slow Civil 3d, cause by slow server, but still frustrated

02-12-2014 08:37 AM in reply to: MarkusMP



Markus, you make some good points.


Is there anyone out there who is not seeing slowness when user profiles look to network locations for AutoCAD paths? I think your input would help this thread.


Are any of you using dedicated servers, hosting only Autodesk content, not hosting project files, and accepting requests from no other software? If you are using a shared server, isn't it possible that other traffic is impeding AutoCAD's ability to reconcile all its paths. Something else has that server's attention. If the server only answers to Autodesk, it should respond faster to the pathing requests coming in from the users.












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Re: Slow Civil 3d, cause by slow server, but still frustrated

06-05-2014 02:53 PM in reply to: brent.morris



Thanks for your insightful post Brent. It has really helped us in figuring out our issue. Our users had similar issues. For us it was across all Autodesk products and not just Civil3D, but Civil3D seemed to be affected the most. Like everyone, looking at CPU/RAM/Disk Latency/Network stats from the servers down to the users showed that our usage was really low with ocassional spikes to 50%-70% of resources.


For disaster recovery related purposes, I've had my DNS TTLs set to 20 mins. After changing the TTL to 24 hours for all the AutoCAD related servers (file servers hosting drawings, plotters/plot-styles/fonts/etc, license server), the issues seemed to have gone away. It's only been two days, but I am crossing my fingers.


Since Autocad connects to the search paths multiple times even when drawing a line, you can see how trying to resolve a DNS name every 20 mins or less can slow things down. I would suggest all of you check your TTLs and increase it to 24 hours or more. You can lower it back down to a reasonable number once you have figured out that's the issue.


In addition to the TTLs, other things I did are


Turned off auditing on the file servers to the AutoCAD plotters/plot styles/support paths.

Turned off Windows Search and Offline Files services on the people who have been complaining.

Set antivirus scanner to only scan on modify and not on access.


However, I am fairly coninved that it is the TTL settings that fixed the issue. I would highly suggest anyone having AutoCAD slowness issues on the network check their TTL settings.


Hope this helps someone out.




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Re: Slow Civil 3d, cause by slow server, but still frustrated

06-05-2014 06:38 PM in reply to: kickhead70
kickhead70 wrote:

I have a Network Activity Indicator app running that shows the blinking monitors (like windows xp) with network traffic.  When there's a delay with Civil 3D, i see an outgoing blip, a delay, and as soon as the incoming blip is done, Civil 3D comes back to life.

Pardon me, I did not read every post in this thread so this may be a repeat.

If you have not done this yet then.... get C3D up and running to the point where you are expecting to have the problem. Then Unplug the network cable (and make sure there are no other network connections such as Wifi).

Does the problem still exhibit itself?

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Re: Slow Civil 3d, cause by slow server, but still frustrated

06-06-2014 07:29 AM in reply to: rkmcswain
I have not tried that specific process, but I can tell you that the same drawings for the same projects do not have the delays and slowness when I check out a license and work 100% locally with the project.
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