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Sanitary Profile Setup

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01-14-2013 03:44 PM

I have been having issues with some of my Sanitary Plan and profile sheets being incredibly slow to open & plot that I am wondering if I have set them up properly. I’m wondering how others have theirs setup compared to mine. I will typically have a sanitary network & profiles as a standalone drawing attached to vault. That drawing from vault is then xref into my P&P sheets. In those sheets, I attach xrefs for horizontal linework/borders as normal. I also reference the network from vault so that I can have plan labels  added from the network. Creating and editing the drawings are not really a problem, it is just opening them up or printing them through Sheet Set Manager that are the real issues. I think my issue is referencing data that is already attached to an xref, but I would still like to know how others have theirs setup. 

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Re: Sanitary Profile Setup

01-15-2013 12:37 AM in reply to: kkohlhoff

I use a similar drawing setup excluding vault but from SSM i use acroplot to print to pdf and them print to the copier the last job was 100 A3 sheets and took about an hour to print them all to one pdf.


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Re: Sanitary Profile Setup

01-15-2013 05:39 AM in reply to: kkohlhoff

We don't use vault here.


We have Sanitary in one drawing, Storm in another.  But we don't do profiles in those drawings.  We data shortcut into the Plan/Profile drawings to do profiles and plot from there.

We don't plot from SSM due to the lack of updating (if the xref or data shortcutted has changed the sheets don't update unless you actually open them).

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