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SAC Switch for Insertion Point

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10-25-2011 11:20 AM

In the subassebly composer, how would I go about creating a switch to change the insertion point of my subassembly?


I have a lane with curb and gutter.  I want to allow a switch to insert at either ETW or Crown.


I think I have to create two enumerations and then switch the enumerations but I'm unsure.




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Re: SAC Switch for Insertion Point

10-25-2011 11:29 AM in reply to: kevinjackman

You can't really change the insertion point for the SA it is always at 0,0, but what you can do is to move the starting point for your SA. You might also need a variable that is appled to the X dims so they flip their direction.


So you need to set P0 (assume you start at back of ETW). In case 1 you start at 0,0. in the other case, you start offset from 0,0 so that the Crown ends up at 0,0. In the second case, rename the point P0.


After you set the two P0 points, bring the branches back together and draw the rest of the points.




Peter Funk

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Peter Funk
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Re: SAC Switch for Insertion Point

10-25-2011 11:57 AM in reply to: peterfunkautodesk

So what would be the expression for the switch then?

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Re: SAC Switch for Insertion Point

10-25-2011 12:50 PM in reply to: kevinjackman

Make an enumeration group with the items: ETW, Crown.

Add an Input Parameter that uses the enumeration type you defined (name: InsertionLocation)

Add a Decision with VB Expression: InsertionLocation.value="ETW" (since you only have two choices a decision is a better choice than a switch)

On the True Side do your ETW logic and on the False Side do your Crown Logic

As Peter said, you can always join the trees back together once they are the same logic again.

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