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Pressure pipe elbows

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05-15-2012 12:12 PM

My company works on gas pipelines so I have been looking forward to giving Civil 3D 2013 a try to see what the presure pipes can do. For the gas pipelines there are basically 2 types of fittings that are used at bends. We use a 45° segmentable fitting and a 90° segmentable fitting. So if the bend is less than or equal to 45° then a 45° fitting is used, however, it can be cut down to any angle, so it could be cut to 35° or 20° or even 27.5°, anything. The same goes for the 90° fitting. When laying out the pipe network it seems that the only elbows are 90°, 45°, 21.5° and 11.25°. So basically when there is a bend that is less than 45° I want to use a 45° fitting, but be able to show the bend at the angle it is to be cut to. I tried laying out the network with pipes only and setting the maximum deflection angle to 90° and that does allow me to lay it out, but there is no way for me to label that angle. Does anyone know of a way to do something like this?

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Re: Pressure pipe elbows

05-18-2012 12:19 PM in reply to: jbear0000

I took a quick look into this, and unfortunately I was unable to determine how this could be done other than manually adding MTEXT. Maybe someone else on the forums can chime in if they have a good solution.

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Re: Pressure pipe elbows

05-18-2012 12:44 PM in reply to: jbear0000

Apparently you can't generate a bend label from the fittings but if you create an alignment for the netowrk you can certainly create a deflection angle label from thje alignment.

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Re: Pressure pipe elbows

05-19-2012 11:22 AM in reply to: Neilw

See this link:


I am looking for a better way to create these schematics and was hoping that pressure pipes would be the answer, but so far they are not. If I could just get the deflection angle in an expression and as a label then I could do everything I want it to do. Hopfully more fittings will be added in the future.

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