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point label style

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04-28-2012 05:12 PM

i have a building corner point label style that labels the corner of bldgs with the elev on top of an arrow and the full description of a bdlgc on bottom of arrow...rotated at 45 degrees....


i have 3 components...a block of an autocad leader i call an arrow that i just drew from left to rt on layer 0 and named the component arrow...then i have the elevation and the description


problem is that when i rotate label to move it out of way of obstructions it flips the elev on bottom and the desc on top!!


i have tried a number of combinations of anchor pts and changing the "flip anchor pts with text" to true/false under the general tab of the labe style composer...


i cant get it!


any help would be greatly appreciated!!! (i am still using 2012)



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Re: point label style

04-28-2012 06:28 PM in reply to: pardo242724

I think its the layout tab? Have you tried changing it from stacked to as composed or the other way?

Thank you

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Re: point label style

04-28-2012 08:18 PM in reply to: pardo242724

You could turn off the plan readable switch, which should ensure that the text doesn`t flip or rotate at all.


Can you post a sample drawing with the label style, so that we can see it.

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Re: point label style

04-28-2012 11:03 PM in reply to: pardo242724

Attach an invisble piece of text to the arrow and then attach your text components to that invisible piece of text. Make sure "Flip Anchors With Text" is on. When the invisble piece of text flips, it will cause the top piece of text to stay on top. I talked about it a bit in a blog post I did a couple years ago:

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Re: point label style

04-30-2012 02:58 PM in reply to: pardo242724

Flip-text with anchors never worked for me. I just made my two text components one piece of text with a return so they are stacked, and then attach based on center left/right. When you rotate past 90/270 the right-read will kick in and the text will flip, but stay centereded on the line (or in your case arrow). Only downside is the Justification will be wrong: if its right justified text sitting to the right of the point, when it flips it will appear right justified when on the left side of the point and hug the point.


I am curious to try Brian's suggestion...

-Ian McClain
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Re: point label style

04-30-2012 03:47 PM in reply to: pardo242724

attached is my point and point label style....the point label style...when i hover over the grip for rotate label and marker, rotates the label and flops the building to the top and elev to the bottom


thanx for everyone's response!!!!!

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Re: point label style

05-01-2012 05:30 AM in reply to: pardo242724

Try this.


It's done in 2013, but the original file was from 2013.



If this fixed your issue, click on "Accept as Solution"

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