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Point Group vs Point Layers

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05-20-2005 10:19 AM
We just stepped up to C3D from LDT and I'm recreating/reworking our Desc Key set. It seems that the emphasis is now on point group styles. I was planning on just using the desc keys to get points into layers and be done with it there, but now I'm wondering if theres some new functionality in point group styles that I'm missing? I'm wondering, what is working best for people, and why:

Sending points to alot of different and descriptive V-NODE layers, and then using on/off, freeze/thaw to work with the points.


Sending points to a few layers and creating a ton of descriptive point groups to work with them there thru styles?

Any comments would help alot. Thanks Much!!
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Re: Point Group vs Point Layers

05-20-2005 01:03 PM in reply to: RustyBost
In Civil3D we use description keys and turn layers on and off to work with points.
With LDDT we use point groups because we can insert and remove points from the drawing by group thereby keeping the drawing file from getting bloated.
Ours is a public agency (rural county highway department). so we only have to work with one set of descriptors that our surveyors use.
Those who work for private firms and have to deal with many different discriptor sets may have different approaches that work better for them.
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