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Pipe Network Layers 2013

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12-11-2012 07:45 AM

When a pipe network is referenced into a drawing in Civil 3D 2013 there is an option to set the layer for the pipes and structures.  After the layer is set, the parts go onto these layers until the network is syncronized.  After the network is synronized the parts revert back to whatever layer is set in the object layers in the drawing settings.  Has anyone else noticed or had an issue with this?




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Re: Pipe Network Layers 2013

12-11-2012 11:16 AM in reply to: tgicam

They are behaving as-expected here. We do have a little different setup. I use the "-*" wildcard modifier so each network is on a seperate layer. They do hold the layers in the original file and our plan production drawing where they are data shortcut into. I forced a Sync and no change.



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Re: Pipe Network Layers 2013

12-20-2012 09:29 AM in reply to: tgicam

I have been seeing this issue for several versions of Civil 3D. Changing the layers in the supplied Layer dialog box doesn't hold. It reverts to the default layer settings in the Object Layers tab of Drawing Settings. Here's the current workaround.:


  1. Import/update the pipe network parts list from the source drawings.
  2. Toolspace-right click on the drawing name-Edit Drawing Settings-Object Layers tab.
  3. Set the default layers for Pipe, Pipe Network Section, Pipe or Structure Profile, and Structure to the layers you want for the current pipe network that you will dref into the drawing then OK.
  4. Create the dref in the drawing without making any changes in the Layers dialog.
  5. Change other settings as required (parts list, surface overrides, etc.) then OK.

To make the process slightly faster, here are the layer settings we use:


-UNDR-N     Prefix     C-UTIL-STRM

-STRC-N     Prefix     C-UTIL-STRM

-PROF-N     Prefix     C-UTIL-STRM

-SECT-N     Prefix     C-UTIL-STRM


Before each dref is added, I change the prefix portion only (C-UTIL-ELEC, C-UTIL-NGAS, C-UTIL-COMM, etc.) in the Object Layers tab then import that dref. This setting will hold for future changes/synchronizations to the pipe networks.


Hope that helps.

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Re: Pipe Network Layers 2013

12-20-2012 02:03 PM in reply to: tgicam

It's been my expereince that you have to check the default settings in Prospector for it to work consistently. If I go to Settings tab > Pipe Network, right-click Edit Feature settings and set all the "Default" settings for that drawing, then it will work.

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Re: Pipe Network Layers 2013

12-20-2012 02:45 PM in reply to: rafaelaustin

For me, it's only an issue when creating a dref of pipe networks. Making changes to the layers dialog when creating a pipe network from scratch works as expected.

In fact, if you make changes to the layers dialog when creating a pipe network from dref the layers will initially look and work correctly. Close and reopen the drawing and you'll see that the layers have been reset to whatever the default pipe/structure settings were when you created the pipe network from dref. So bascially it accepts the layer change but the layers that get saved for future are the current default layer settings. Since the layers are grayed out in a pipe network dref, you can't change them after the dref is created.

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Re: Pipe Network Layers 2013

01-23-2014 03:49 PM in reply to: C3D_TomR

So do you mean that you have the -UNDR-N, -STRC-N, etc. layers in your layer manager and then when the dialog box to create network opens, you select those layers and then adjust the prefix to C-UTIL-**** ?


That's pretty neat I must say.


One thing I've done is get ride of almost all discrete layers for the objects in a label style (under the Display tab of the label style). I have begun to set all the layers to zero (0) layer and then when the label comes in, just placing it on the layer it should be on anyways. This also works for some entity styles, but not those that need spcific layer, color, linetype, etc. control

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