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Object vs. layer based styles

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11-18-2004 07:18 AM
Show of hands please (cybernetically speaking). Has anyone devised an efficient method of using object based style formats for x-ref’ing multiple drawings into a plotting (deliverable) sheet?

Here’s the drill – my final plotting drawings collect x-ref’s into a title and border sheet. These plotting sheets display various line weights and intensities to depict existing vs. proposed features. Where it gets dicey is when I wish to “screen back” proposed features in order to accentuate specific plan disciplines, such as screening back proposed buildings on a Landscape Plan.

This is standard fare for layer based styles but I’m drawing a blank (pun intended) with object based styles.
*James Wedding
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Re: Object vs. layer based styles

11-18-2004 07:27 AM in reply to: RDW
It can't be done smoothly with ByObject styles. In the current version, ByLayer is the only style management scheme that makes sense. I hope to see styles somehow become a part of the object, even when xref'd in a future version. -- James Wedding, P.E. Technology Manager Associate Jones & Boyd, Inc. Dallas, TX XP/2 on P4-3.4/1G LDT2005+C3D Sign up now for AU2004!
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