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Object Viewer Pivot Point...?

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10-05-2012 01:16 AM

  Hi Everyoe,


I have some objects (corridor / intersection corridor / surface / grading ...)  in civil 3d 2013


When we rotate the 3d objects , object rotate pivot point  about (0,0,0,   or any place x,y,(z=0)



So rotated 3d object (if the Z= High value)  can't be seen / can be seen as a point.


how to change the object viewer pivot point ? 


(not using steering wheel or zoom extents  because of first time rotating objects seen so far )







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Re: Object Viewer Pivot Point...?

10-08-2012 06:22 AM in reply to: kaanturkum

Hi kaanturkum,


I personally am not sure about the question. Can you elaborate a bit more and perhaps post your image or drawing for others to see?


The only thing that comes to mind is Set View settings or Constrained 3D Orbit in Object Viewer (icons) that may be causing something similar.

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Re: Object Viewer Pivot Point...?

10-08-2012 06:49 AM in reply to: kaanturkum

Enter the 3dorbit command. Right click and confirm  your settings with the attached. I think Autotarget and contrained orbit are what you need.

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Re: Object Viewer Pivot Point...?

05-14-2013 02:11 PM in reply to: jmayo

Yes. 3dorbit works for this, but why doesn't it work in the event viewer. The advantage to the EV is that you aren't actually manipulating your view, just inspecting it, once you leave the viewer, your view is unchanged. Not the case for 3dorbit, which actually changes your current view. Requiring an undo, which seems to have taken a hit in terms of stability over the last few releases. Some lazy programming going on, in any case, the event viewer pivot, used to work.

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