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New Liscense

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01-08-2014 07:59 AM

This may be in the wrong forum, but I was unable to find a way to post a question anywhere else. Please direct me to the correct location if this is incorrect.


We are currently looking at upgrading our AutoCAD 2005 to the 2013 Civil 3D. We would like to use our current liscense to generate a discount when we purchase the 2013. We have concern that once we make the upgrade we will no longer be able to manipulate any of our current projects that have not been completed that were started in 2005 version. It is my understanding that the new CAD doesn't use the alignments/surfaces like the older version. Would we be able to use the 2005 as we phase in the new software is that possible?

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Re: New Liscense

01-08-2014 08:50 AM in reply to: mikesj1973

As of 2011 (the last time I fully read the agreement terms for an "upgrade") you were permitted to run the new and previous version concurrenlty for 120 days before you had to uninstall the "older" version. (the new version installs in a different directory and each release version it completely independent of the other)


You should talk to an Authorized Autodesk Reseller to work out the pricing and logistics involved in "upgrading"

Autodesk Get Current program (including links to contact Resellers)



I'm not a C3D user. so I won't attempt to answer the alignment compatability question.


You might want to break your question into two parts and ask in these sub-forums.


Installation and Licensing forum


AutoCAD Civil 3D forum.

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Re: New Liscense

01-15-2014 11:06 AM in reply to: mikesj1973

uhm,,,, 9 year old software is probably off the radar completely as far as any kind of upgrade discount.  Your reseller may be able to do something fo you, but i would not count on even a 5% discount.  That's just not an Autodesk thing by the way ---- meaningful upgrade discounts from _anybody_  would be unlikely.  


2014 C3d is a very different beast than 2005 Acad -- since you'll need current hardware to run it, and will be recreating your workflows to match the software, I would suggest just keeping the 2005 as is (it's a perpeptual use license after all) and plan on buying all new for C3D

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Re: New Liscense

01-15-2014 12:23 PM in reply to: mikesj1973

If you were using AUtoCAD 2005 and using all out-of-the-box AutopCAD tools you should not have an issue opening these old files and continuing to work without any conversion. Open the new program and go. No conversions no nothing. Just work and save.


If you were really using Land Desktop 2005 you may lose all of the old functionality. I am not sure if the 2009 vesrion of LDD is still up on the subscription site but that would be one fix if it's there...


If you were using addon software in AutoCAD 2005 other than LDD above you may also lose all of that custom functionality unless the developer has a version that runs on C3D 2013.


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