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Multi-day survey shots

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08-17-2012 12:08 PM
Getting involved more with generating survey base maps and was curious how people deal with survey jobs that take multiple days. Where at the end of the day you import the points into a survey database, they go out shoot more then you import points for that day. Typically we use one text file for the whole job. How does it work when you import for other days but doesn't affect what've already done during import/processing. Is there a way import point ranges from a text file. Or do I need to create new text files for each day?
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Re: Multi-day survey shots

08-17-2012 12:37 PM in reply to: sjg

1st day is 1000-2000

2nd day 2000-3000

3rd day 300-4000



Kinda' funny that we plan for 1000 shot/day but it makes it real clear how many days on the job, how many shots taken on that day and which day they were shot.

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Re: Multi-day survey shots

08-17-2012 12:37 PM in reply to: jmayo

Yes that should be 3000 not 300.

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Re: Multi-day survey shots

08-18-2012 08:08 AM in reply to: sjg

I depend on the field notes for that. The survey crews keep notes of what points were gathered each day.  Then you don't have the large gaps in point numbers, especially if you get to day 20 or 30.  

If you re-import all points from a text file you can select "Add and Offset" and pick the starting number of 30,000 or so and then just delete all the points in the points editor above the offset number.




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Re: Multi-day survey shots

08-18-2012 07:05 PM in reply to: sjg

I survey and run QC and  final computations on large scale seismic projects.  Many of the projects  that we are involved with cover several hundred square miles with 400 to 1000 pre-plotted points per square mile.  We have had projects on the Gulf Coast with as many as 30 separate survey crews. Grid points are defined by  6 or 8 digit point numbers depending on the size of the project grid. these numbers are also used to generate coordinates for the required points.  Each crew is assigned a block of numbers to use for Traverse points and field control points. Stakeout points are saved  to a work file with the same point number, and the point number is also placed in the Description field with additional attributes attached; hole depth, charge size . (Point numbers are usually striped off the Description Keys are easier to sort and control display with.)


1-1000  Control points (Tri Stations, BM, Adjusted GPS points, Az control pairs.)

1000 - 1999  GPS Crew 1

2000 - 2999 GPS Crew 2

50000 - 50999  Conventional Crew 50.....


10012053  Pre-plot  point number  1001 Northing Grid  2053 Easting Grid  (With the origin being 10000000)


GPS data is processed and corrections check and applied; using the equipment manufactures software.  I prefer the Leica LGO and Move3 software for this.

With contract crews using different kinds of instruments  we get data in all formats; data is converted  to RW5 or GSI16 format and then imported into LGO. After processing the data is exported to a PENZD.csv or XYZD.csv file which can be imported in C3D.


I use Access or Excel to sort and compare points and check for duplicates .  A Macro can be written to sort and compare surveyed locations with pre-plot locations and flag any errors.


Suggest starting a New clean Drawing with the proper coordinate system and importing the compiled point  set  into it; and apply DescKeys. 


Save the drawing and attach the Work drawing set to it and use the Map Query functions to prepare a daily drawing.   Daily drawing can then be archived of discarded depending on project requirements.  With a fresh drawing there is a lower chance of crashing the entire drawing when importing the point database.


LD use to allow purging and packing the point database but that function seems to have disappeared in C3D.  I found that there are fewer problems, just starting with a clean survey drawing and empty point database.  Just work with the drawings and area you need using query and save back.  Use the Map3D functions It's a lot faster.


We normally have separate work drawings for Survey,  Base Maps, Parcel boundary,  Exclusion Zones, Ownership, ect.. 






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Re: Multi-day survey shots

08-20-2012 05:56 AM in reply to: sjg

We haven't been using the Survey Database. Our Surveyor is just learning that now.


What we've been doing up until now is to bring the points in through text files. Each file is named with the days date. Today would be 08202012. The points are brought in to Point groups that are dated. I tend to use alphanumeric names - Aug 08 2012. We also have point groups that separate points in other ways. So I can display or work with only those shots from a specific day of sort them by EP, TC, CB, etc.



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Re: Multi-day survey shots

10-18-2012 01:15 PM in reply to: AllenJessup

Think I've come up with something that will work well and cover your basis in an event that you need to find previous survey files that were in error and replace them. Often you'll see everything in the Suvey tab of your Toolspace. Setting the main directory as your project # will allow you to close or open each as you need and keep things relative to your project work. Your "Survey" file folder within your design folder will store your .csvs and naming of the CSVs needs to be as shown below. If you're not taking the steps to keep this stuff organized coming back into an old project that's a mess can result in wasted hours maybe days.


Survey Databases:

     PROJECT#_DATE1_Description_Surveyors Initials (if needed)
     PROJECT#_DATE2_Description _Surveyors Initials (if needed)


This should result in a chronologically ordered survey database with enough description. Survey tab works great in combination with your figure prefix data base. I'm a firm believer that figure prefixes are the best way to get your breaklines made. However, I don't use figures as my breaklines after many failed attempts. I explode my figures twice, flatten, and create multiple polylines. Then save this out to a _Breaklines file. No need for Figures to be part of a survey database unless your field staff are bang on with coding and survey methods. (which is never the case.)

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