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Microdrainage & 3D Civil

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05-18-2012 05:34 PM



There is continuous demand from our longer term clients to generate 3D drainage design information in CAD format to coordinate with other utility services and for long-term maintenance regime. InUKindustry, professional softwares primarily Microdrainage and Infoworks CS do not have facility to extract 3D designed information of water infrastructures.


I think Microdrainage files can be imported in C3D to which may enable to fulfill requirements (3D drainage cad file) but I am not sure about this .Could someone please confirm is this possible and shed the light on this process.


I guess I need to enquire from IT guys what kind of subscription we got but considering worse case scenario if we don’t have subscription for any of extension then is there free version be available as a trial version to assess its viability.





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Re: Microdrainage & 3D Civil

05-18-2012 08:48 PM in reply to: Mabdullah

The UKIE Country kit has some tools for use with Microdrainage. Namely Rename Pipes, Export to File, and Import from FIle. If it's not already installed (verify this by looking on the Reports tab of Toolspace, if installed you will have Uk and Ireland Reports as a branch) it can be installed using the C3D uninstall and choosing Add Features option.


Don't ask me how to use them, or how well they work, as I have never used them (located in California). But I think if you search for the user Mike Evans, he has done a fair bit of work with these tools.

Jeff_M, also a frequent Swamper
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Re: Microdrainage & 3D Civil

05-18-2012 08:53 PM in reply to: Mabdullah

If you're asking if there is a free trial version of Civil 3D, yes, there is. See:


This doc talks about using AutoCAD and Civil 3D to layout design for use in MicroDrainage:



Best regards,






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Re: Microdrainage & 3D Civil

05-19-2012 04:48 AM in reply to: Mabdullah

I can confirm that Microdrainage .SWS and .FWS files can be imported into Civil3d via the import from windes function within the UKIE country kit.


Using parts lists which are already set up in the UKIE template, the import process automatically builds a 3d model of the drainage system which can be labelled and scheduled with Civil 3d tools.


I have just imported a 250 pipe .SWS file with no problem. You have to ensure your parts list contains the parts which are in the .SWS file for correct display but Civil 3d will warn you if a part is missing and substitute an alternative which you can swap out later or you can update your parts list and re-import.



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Re: Microdrainage & 3D Civil

05-21-2012 01:32 AM in reply to: Mabdullah

Good Morning Muhammad,


The SWS link with Civil3D is being used increasingly for this very purpose. The link is produced and maintained by Autodesk as part of the UKIE country kit as suggested by Jeff_M, so if you need more information they are probably the best guys to speak to. That said we are currently working with Autodesk to help improve the link further to make it even more usable.


The MDCAD module. mentioned by Krite1. is designed to be used for sketching out the network within the AutoCAD/Civil3D enviroment ready to bring through to WinDes for design. It will create 3D lines (lines with levels) within its layers which some users find is enough, but quite often we find they now require full 3D entities for clash detection etc.


We are looking to improve WinDes in the Building Information Modelling area for the next release and aim to provide additional export options to help get the network data out in a 3D CAD format. That said we do value this link and will continue to work with Autodesk on it.


I hope this helps


Mathew Webber

Micro Drainage Support -




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Re: Microdrainage & 3D Civil

05-25-2012 07:01 AM in reply to: Mabdullah


Thanks to all for useful responses.

I am facing following coupl e of problems while importing MD file into C3D and would be grateful for useful advice.


Receiving warning messages due to missing pipe sizes in part list, not sure how can I update part list to match MD file & also I can’t do editing in its properties. Similar issue is with MH sizes as well in structure style.


For couple of models, some MHs positions are incorrect in C3D not sure why/how





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Re: Microdrainage & 3D Civil

05-25-2012 07:46 AM in reply to: Mabdullah

Look back on the command line to work out which sizes have not been imported.


Undo the import


Use parts list edit on the Pipe Networks toolbar to add missing parts to your parts list.


Right clicking the various headings and parts should give you the answers you need to how to input new parts.


Try importing again.


It might be worth setting up your own part list with just the parts you require.


Ensure the Set  Network catalog dropdown boxes reference the UKIE pipe and structures.

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