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Map 3D functionality in Civil 3D 2011

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09-08-2010 10:07 AM

From everything I've read I should be able to access all of the Map 3D functionality from within Civil 3D - is this correct? I just loaded a trial version of Civil 3D 2011 and I have none of the Map 3D functions. What do I need to do to turn those on? Is it an installation configuration? A workspace setting? Or simply another download and install?


Thank you,

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Re: Map 3D functionality in Civil 3D 2011

09-08-2010 11:01 AM in reply to: bcwautocad

Hi bcwautocad-


What type of functionality are you looking for? To access the Map Ribbons you will need to switch to either the Task based or Tool based Geospacial workspaces by clicking the little "cog wheel" in the lower left hand corner of the application window. If you are having trouble displaying certain image types you will need to download the Raster Object Enabler from


Hope this helps!

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Re: Map 3D functionality in Civil 3D 2011

09-08-2010 01:20 PM in reply to: bcwautocad

I find the easiest way to use a lot of the Map commands is to simply type them at the command line.  That includes commands like:









If I'm doing anything more elaborate with Map commands, I'll switch to a Map workspace.  But if all I want is one of the above commands, I just type it at the command line - I find that simpler than messing with workspaces.

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Re: Map 3D functionality in Civil 3D 2011

07-28-2011 09:18 AM in reply to: Sinc

I am primarily a Map user, but I am always asked to assist Civil users and I find this absurd.  If Civil is claimed to build on Map and have all of it's functions, then why aren't Map commands easier to find/use?


I always end up looking dumb while searching for a command in Civil and just end up typing it in.  Newer cad users seem to look down on us Command Line users...but they keep asking asking for help...

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Re: Map 3D functionality in Civil 3D 2011

07-28-2011 09:51 AM in reply to: edwa8511

It probably has something to do with the way that Map and C3D are really two separate programs that happen to reside inside the same executable.


Note how you can't use any Map commands on any Civil 3D entities...  :smileymad:

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Re: Map 3D functionality in Civil 3D 2011

07-28-2011 11:34 AM in reply to: bcwautocad

Don't forget that a lot of the icons for Map ribbons and toolbars won't show up correctly while in Civil 3D.  For instance, from the Task Pane, select an imported layer.  The contextual ribbon for Vector Layer shows up, but almost every single icon has a cloud with a question mark on it.  Goto the Analyze ribbon tab and try selecting the Inquiry button Line & Arc Information.  You get a "_mapcglist Unknown command "MAPCGLIST". Press F1 for help." error message.  There are many other map inquiry commands that just don't work in Civil 3D.  I know there are actual Civil 3D commands that are the equivilent, but why does Autodesk include commands and ribbons for commands that have been removed?


This has been a problem with the Map implementation in Civil 3D since it started, yet Autodesk just won't fix it.

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Re: Map 3D functionality in Civil 3D 2011

07-29-2011 12:31 AM in reply to: engrtech

I raised a suport query regarding those cloud icons and the reply is below - it worked for me.....!!!!!!


"....I have found a workaround to the icon issue you mentionned earlier

1) In your Civil 3D installation folder, copy the file "Map_PlanningAnalysis.dll" and rename the copy "Map.dll".

You should have these 2 files available in your install folder.

Icons are back...

I suspect this issue will be fixed in the next Update.
Before applying the update, undo the modification you have made in point 1 above to avoid any side effect....."

(No connection with Autodesk other than using the products in the real world)

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Re: Map 3D functionality in Civil 3D 2011

02-01-2012 08:50 AM in reply to: neilyj

This still isn't fixed with installing recent updates. I have the Map 3D toolbars and Menus loaded and there are no icons / bitmaps for any of the Map 3D features I'm looking to use in Civil 3D. 


Trying to explain all of these Autodesk misses to an IT department that expects the software and updates to look after the necessities is getting more and more difficult. Maybe the Autodesk developers can take the initiative to ensure these types of things aren't missing from the basic install. Many Civil 3D users need Map 3D tools, which is why this software is packaged as such.


Maybe someone could provide support on this issue. I'm guessing but 2012 is probably the same story. With the "workaround" noted above, do you need to modify the .dll then do a reinstall (after an uninstall), or can a repair add the necessary files for Map 3D features to work properly?

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Re: Map 3D functionality in Civil 3D 2011

02-01-2012 11:52 PM in reply to: LeafRiders

The Autodesk CUI has suffered major design flaws since its introduction.  Frustrating, I know.  I just get around it by manually writing out icons from Map into .BMP files, then manually adding them back into my C3D CUI, so I get the Map icons in C3D.  Very tedious, but I only do have to do it once, then I share that CUI company-wide.

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