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Lineweight display after save layout to drawing

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06-22-2011 07:51 AM

In Civil3D 2012, I have created a subdivision plat using Parcels, Parcel tables, surfaces, xrefs, and a using a layout for the finish product. I then wanted to kick the tires a little, and use the "Save Layout as a Drawing" command, to make a new .dwg with what is seen in the paperspace. This is in theory a handy tool, as some clients we've had want a CAD file of each sheet (I'm sure they have their reasons).

After my first unsuccessful attempt, I figured out that I had to export the file to ACAD to get rid of the Civil3D object. That's fine, not too much of a workaround for one file, but when doing multiple files I think it might get ridiculous. After that I successfully used the "Save Layout as a Drawing" command to make a new file.

Now the problem: the lineweight display is wonky. All the lineweights are displaying outragedouly thick, even when the settings are correct in unit and exaggeration and the "Display Lineweight"  is unchecked. I can check it on and then check it off, and the lineweights will display normally until I pan, zoom, regen, regenall. I've purged, audited, closed, shutdown, restarted, rebooted computer, tried it from another machine, and still the lineweights are wonky.

Any suggestions?



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Re: Lineweight display after save layout to drawing

06-23-2011 08:19 AM in reply to: petrocat

The export layout command converts everything to model space.  Model space does not have a view scale like paperspace viewports.  Since there is no scale, the lineweight display is based on the drawing window zoom factor - as you zoom in the lines get thinner and as you zoom out they get fatter.  This should only be a display issue.  When plotting, the lineweights will be based on the selected plot scale.

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