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Linetypes display wrong after installing C3D 2012 update 2.1

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11-27-2012 04:41 AM

4 days ago, I installed the 2012 Update 2.1.


Prior to that, the linetype as seen in the attached screen short displayed the same for both the alignment style (green) and the polyline (white).  After 2.1, they display at different scales.  Why?  There now seems to be a problem with linetype scaling in the style definitions.


The same linetype is used in the alignment style as is assigned to the polyline.  The scale is the same for both (in the alignment style definition and as assigned to the polyline).


The only thing that changed is that on Friday morning, I installed the update 2.1 and this is what things looked like in existing model files when I opened them that displayed correctly when I went home on Thursday.  Open this file on my computer and it displays according to the attached screen shot.  Open the exact same file on another team member's computer and they display at the same scale.  How is that possible?


Any ideas/solutions would be greatly appreciated!



Ryan Hangsleben 

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Re: Linetypes display wrong after installing C3D 2012 update 2.1

11-27-2012 10:28 AM in reply to: ryanhangsleben

Problem in paperspace/modelspace?

Does it persist on plot preview or actually on paper?

Is it an annotation scale issue?

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Re: Linetypes display wrong after installing C3D 2012 update 2.1

11-29-2012 12:03 AM in reply to: troma

The problem is in model space.  And it does carry through to paper space and on plots from model and/or paper space.


I do not believe it is an annoation scale issue.  This was the series of events:


1.  Installed update 2.1

2.  Opened a model file and began work for the morning.

3.  Changed the style on an alignment to temporarily not show.

4.  Changed the style back to one that displays.

5.  Noticed the linetype looked to be scaled very small.

6.  Ran an audit, purge, etc.  Purged the style and re-imported from the template.  Still displayed wrong.

7.  Saved the file as a temp file and re-started computer.

8.  Opened the temp file and the linetype still displayed wrong.

9.  Had another colleague in the project open the file on his computer, and it displayed correct.

10.  The linetype in the centerline style displayed correct as long as I did not change between styles.







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