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Re: Lat-Long label doesn't work (Civil 3D 2013)

11-21-2012 08:53 AM in reply to: davidrenaud3020

Not that they were supposed to have corrected the LatLong issue (at least according to the ReadMe) but have you applied Hotfix2 for C3D2013? If not, may want to give it a shot...I have applied it here, so maybe that's the difference?


I will take a look at the drawing if you'd like.

Jeff_M, also a frequent Swamper
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Re: Lat-Long label doesn't work (Civil 3D 2013)

11-21-2012 08:58 AM in reply to: davidrenaud3020

Not sure about the Hotfix, Iw ill give it a shot. thanks again.

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Re: Lat-Long label doesn't work (Civil 3D 2013)

02-22-2013 01:46 PM in reply to: PorterCAD

This could possibly be a few different items:1. Go to your settings tab and set your Datum to where your project is located.
2. Take a look at your annotation scale, are you still at your original scale or did it get changed somehow down 1:1 from something like 1:40?
3. Look at your style to see if the text has been turned off?

I was able to see my lat and long just fine in 2013 as soon as I set my Datum up.


I have attached the test file that was created in 2013 for you to use.

Thank You,

Robert Rien



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Re: Lat-Long label doesn't work (Civil 3D 2013)

02-22-2013 03:00 PM in reply to: Jeff_M

Sorry for chiming in so late here (considering I started all this mess), I've been using the surface label alternative. I still don't know why the general note doesn't work.  Regardless, if you don't have a coordinate system assigned to the drawing then you surface label alternative definitely won't work.  And, Jeff, thanks for recommending the surface label alternative. I've used it, but was just wondering why, when I assign my drawing a coordinate system, the general note doesn't work. 


Thanks for all your input,



Jason Porter
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Re: Lat-Long label doesn't work (Civil 3D 2013)

02-24-2013 12:26 PM in reply to: RRien07



Point labels work just fine, it's the general note labels that are broken.


See your same drawing attached.

Brian Hailey
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Re: Lat-Long label doesn't work (Civil 3D 2013)

03-25-2013 11:45 AM in reply to: PorterCAD

Alright...I ran into this problem a few weeks ago.  I found this thread then and realized that it wasn't me, just another glitch on Autodesk's end.


Anywho, I found a breakthrough regarding labeling locations on your drawing with the corresponding lat/longs (many of you may know how to do this but it was exciting for me).


What I did was create miscellaneous points, using the manual setting.  If you want to give it a specific point number, elevation, etc...go ahead you can.

After you place the points on your drawing, open up your tool space and under the Settings tab, expand Point, then Label Styles, right click they point label style you're using and then select edit.


Under the Layout tab there is a dropdown menu titled "Component Name" select Point Description.  The Text submenu should already be expanded.  Select the Value box for the Contents and the 3 little periods should show up; click that. 


Under the Properties tab, delete whatever is in the display window.   Click the dropdown menu and select Latitude and then click the right arrow to add it to your display window.  You must deselect the newly added text to add your longitude or else it will overwrite it.  Then add longitude.


If you get it to work, you should be able to drag your point around and it will give your real-time lat/longs. 

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