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label and object settings using layer 0 and plotting problems

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12-31-2012 01:40 PM

I am having problems plotting out parcels and creating label settings.  I think I am missing an important concept in the object and display tab of setting creation.  I am not finding going through the documentation.   What I have found is not well explained.


I started with the OOB alignment settings.  I noted that the Basic setting has a description that states the object will take on the settings of the layer it is created on.


I noted that if I adjusted the alignment properities to "Basic". I could then move the 'roadway' alignments to P-RD-CL and the swale alignments to P-SWALE-CL.  Freezing the P-SWALE-CL then turns off the swale CL's, but keeps the roadway ones on.


I am looking for a fast way to determine which styles this works for or the area of the documentation that better explains how this works.


I am starting to explore creating label styles the same way.  That way I can double or triple label pipe networks such that identical styles are labeled on an E&S layer and a PCSM layer and the individual lables can be dragged on the two different sheet layouts in the same file to avoid text over writes.


Can anyone chime in with what they have found to work for them?



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Re: label and object settings using layer 0 and plotting problems

01-02-2013 06:06 AM in reply to: annw2

my work flow has been to let the label create on it's default layer and then move them to the layer I want after they are created.    This way i'm able to control for instance a label that shows up on the 100 scale view and not on the 20 scale view.   Trying to exert too much control over what layer things are created on will just drive me nuts.


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Re: label and object settings using layer 0 and plotting problems

01-04-2013 07:10 AM in reply to: annw2

I realize this question is more geared toward users in a production setting but have you tried toggling "Immediate And Independent Layer On/Off Control Of Display Components" in the OBJECT LAYERS tab of DRAWING SETTINGS? This may help...


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