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label & table settings - force 2-zeros for zero-degree bearing

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06-17-2010 12:20 PM

C3D 2010 . . .

I am unable to find the right combination of settings in the label and/or table settings to force two zeros in a bearing where the degrees value is zero.  By default, there is only one zero for the degree value, which is something I've never seen.  Yet another tidbit revealing the lack of input from surveyors on the development of C3D (second one today!) - a bearing of N 00 - ## - ## W in any quadrant should ALWAYS have double zeroes for degrees.  Anyway, can someone help me out as I'm establishing a template for our CAD users.



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Re: label & table settings - force 2-zeros for zero-degree bearing

06-17-2010 12:30 PM in reply to: bcsurvey

Actually, I think we finally managed to brow-beat Autodesk into adding that feature in the 2009 release.


When you add bearings to your label in the Label Style Composer, make sure you set "Drop Leading Zero" to NO.  Remember to hit the blue or silver arrow to actually insert the property into the right side of the Label Style Composer.


You will probably also want to change the default setting, so that all newly-created Styles will include the leading zero by default.  To do this, go to Drawing Settings -> Ambient Settings -> Direction, and set "Drop Leading Zero for Degrees" to NO.  Hit the "Child Overrid" button if necessary to force this change to propagate through the rest of the Settings tree.

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