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importing points

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12-08-2004 09:14 PM
I am new to Civil 3D....
I am trying to take points from LandDeskTop 2005 to Civil 3d.

I brought in my des key file by using "Import Data from Land Desktop" under general....

Brought in points:
Points-> Create Points-> Import Points....
I selected the points.mbd file from the cogo folder in my LDT project (I have also tried the .auf)

It appears that my points were imported, but they are not on the correct layer, they are on current.

Also I cannot locate some of the points in the drawing. My Top back of curb (TBC) points cannot be seen in the drawing. THey have a raw desc of 312, a full desc of TOP BACK OF CURB - TBC, and they are to go on layer PNT-TBC.

Can anyone help? Why are the points not on the correct layer? Why can't I see TBC points in the drawing? I realize there is a whole new concept in Civil 3D, but i can't figure this out. THanks.......
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