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Import Surface into 3DSMax

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07-16-2012 02:20 PM

Does anyone have experience taking a TIN surface (mine is created from several corridors, feature lines, points) and importing it into 3DS Max?  I'm not a Max guy and am just trying to get advice on the C3D side of the workflow.  


We keep getting a proxy error in Max and I am wondering if there is some specific way I need to build / export my surface in C3D in order for it to work correctly.

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Re: Import Surface into 3DSMax

07-16-2012 02:45 PM in reply to: duewekeb

You'd explode the surface twice, in order to get a bunch of 3Dfaces.

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Re: Import Surface into 3DSMax

07-16-2012 03:40 PM in reply to: duewekeb

If you plan on doing a lot of visualization stuff between both programs you might look into 3dsmax Design for your next upgrade. the 2012 version of both programs incorporate a feature called Civil View which basically marries the two products, where anything designed in Civil 3D can be directly exported 3ds Max Design, where you can apply materials and setup a scene around the work done in Civil 3d. It creates short work of the geometry creation as it goes in 3ds Max. One of the reasons the program was needed was to help max import Civil data considering we design in a world triangles and 3ds Max is built around 4 sided polygons. This always seemed to give max trouble for me. 


If you're not upgrading anytime soon you might look into a plugin called Dynamite VSP which was actually bought out by autodesk and eventually became Civil View. 


I know this is unreasonable as a short term solution to your issue but I figured it would be info worth noting considering what your trying to do.



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Re: Import Surface into 3DSMax

03-07-2013 04:54 AM in reply to: JOVO85

Hi Joseph


I have the subscription pack for 3dsmax design but cannot fine the civil view menu in 3dsmax. I found it in c3d and export the vps3d file. How doews it go into 3dsmax?

Thank you

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Re: Import Surface into 3DSMax

03-22-2013 07:36 AM in reply to: duewekeb

Using the export options of C3D export vsp3d files .Next Import the terrain in 3Ds max by using civil view > geometry import > vsp3d. This will bring the topography in 3ds max.

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