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Grading object creation

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12-27-2004 08:06 AM
I am trying to create grading objects to build a model for a small parking lot. The trouble I am running into is the number of vertices that's created in my surface from my grading objects. In the image attached, I have created a grading feature line on the right side of the drive (shown in yellow) and created grading objects towards the left based on that. The first is sloped down at 2% for 15' and the next is sloped up at 2% for 15' forming a "V". The problem is that the first grading object works great with vertices every 10' along the entire length of the object, forming a nice TIN model. But the second object only creates vertices at the end points. What I am trying to do is continue the TIN pattern w/ the same number of vertices along the object which will allow me to add various other surface features further to the left (points, breaklines, etc.) properly. Is there a setting that dictates how often the vertices are created in a grading object? And, why does my first object do that but the next object not? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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