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Grading Fill on a collapse embankment- a reposting

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12-20-2012 07:04 PM

Is the best way to create a design surface having a feature lines and then creating grading objects?
Then how do i create a FILL grading group for an eroded embankment of a reservoir. The examples on a typical book eg."master civil 3d 2012" shows a pond design.

I started a polyline boundary area just a bit smaller than cogo points consist of - surveypoints shot on the edge on the cliff, shot midway to wall of the cliff and shots taken to where the toe of rip rap fill-boundary should be.More points were created with elevations which represent whats on the site. (See image) . is this correct?
On the base feature boundary, do i just tell what lenght of the boundary line it must be graded from the top of the cliff, 1:2 slope and when I get to the portion of the base feature bounary line at the toe , I just tell how far the length of the boundary line is the and give a slope value of 1:1.5. Should this work

2.   I'm about to try to model the the design surface a different way. (from the cliff 1:2, it goes this way for 5 ft, changes to 1:1.5)
do I create feature lines at toe , then vertical feature line between the toe and the cliff , then use the grading editor or elevation editor

3. Once I obtain the infill surface of the fill, how rotate or orient the model , ( rock material - rendered) so Photo 3 is draped over it.?


Thanks again.

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Re: Grading Fill on a collapse embankment- a reposting

12-21-2012 09:41 AM in reply to: eyescast

I think you would benefit greatly by hiring a Civil 3D specialist in your area to come out and help you for half-a-day.

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Re: Grading Fill on a collapse embankment- a reposting

12-21-2012 02:26 PM in reply to: tcorey

You are very kind

Thank you

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