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Frontage Lable

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12-07-2005 07:54 AM
I have been using the parcel layout tools to set a minimum frontage and lot sizing. In the table creation tools for parcels, you can bring in the parcel name, area, perimeter, and all of the line segments. Is there anyway to include only the frontage versus all of the line segments?
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Re: Frontage Lable

12-07-2005 08:05 AM in reply to: mmalynowski
Not currently. You can not label any of it, then pick the frontage pieces

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Re: Frontage Lable

12-07-2005 08:12 AM in reply to: mmalynowski
There is, but it is not really easy. If you have added segment lables to the Parcel itself, or tag labels to the parcel, you can go to Parcels-->Tables-->Add Segments and add the length of each parcel line to a table. The tough part is that you can only select one parcel line label or tag at a time.
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Re: Frontage Lable

03-14-2012 04:37 PM in reply to: mmalynowski

Can Civil 3D 2012 label just the parcel frontage instead of all the individual line and arc segments? It would seem Civil 3D is aware of the frontage distance as it was a constraint used by the Parcel Creation Tools when I created the parcel. Problem is I don't see an easy to label the frontage.





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