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Field data for surface creation

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02-01-2013 08:52 PM


  Our CAD team is new to C3D and is leaning on our survey division  to help set some "best" procedures to help thier work flow.  They may have tools not yet discovered at thier disposal.  I've been various places using various software packages, and using various field procedures.  Seems like I've seen it all, but lets go back to basics.


   I have a 1 mile road topo coming up for design purposes.  The curb is standard, but there is full curb & depressed curb.  If you had your way from the CAD seat, what shots do you prefer?


  Most accurate I've seen iis Centerline, Edge Pavement/Edge Concrete Gutter, Flowline Gutter, Face Curb, Back Curb.  More fieldwork, but made a good product. 


What I have seen is CL, EP, BC, then "let them just use a template" and several variations thereof.  


  I have never seen a good way to automatically offset from say BC only and  handle depressed curb by field coding.  Am I still thinking old school?  Maybe C3D have some new options I've not seen before? 


Any comments are appreciated. 






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Re: Field data for surface creation

02-01-2013 09:22 PM in reply to: officebreak

HERE is a link to the Civil 3D 2013 help files that explain how the Horizontal and Vertical offset codes work. This would create your "template" as needed.


Scroll to the bottom of the page on the right side.

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