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export to hec ras

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06-01-2011 10:54 AM

For some reason I am unable to export to hec ras. I have followed the directions exactly and everything works like it should, even naming and saving the .geo file. Then it makes a .geo file with no info in it and the program locks up. Its still using the .geo file, you cant open it until after autocad is shut down and quits. I even watched the AU webcast to see if there was something I am missing. I don't know.??? I am running civil3d 2011. 64 bit with lots of ram. I don't think my computer is too small.

Thanks, any ideas are appreciated,

Janet - CityWF

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Re: export to hec ras

06-01-2011 01:29 PM in reply to: CityWF

Hi Janet-


Did you ensure that you had all the selections made in the "export to HEC RAS" dialog? For example if you leave the sample line groups set to <none> the geo file will still be created however it will be "empty" and not contain any data.

Seth Hall
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Re: export to hec ras

09-13-2011 07:53 AM in reply to: SethHall

I am having the same problem. I'm using the 2012 version and have definitely selected the surface, alignment and sections in the export to hec-ras dialog box. This has been tried on three different systems using the 2012 software to no avail. Any ideas?

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Re: export to hec ras

10-04-2011 10:08 PM in reply to: RogersP

Same problem here!



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Re: export to hec ras

10-04-2011 10:41 PM in reply to: Kapanther

Solution discovered.


Make sure you don't have a jagged looking alignment. In other words, your alignment needs to be geometrically correct. Smooth curves and tangents.


This fixed my problem! No more blank empty GEO files. :smileytongue:



Hope this helped





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Re: export to hec ras

10-04-2011 11:36 PM in reply to: Kapanther

I have the same problem. The odd thing is it worked once but now it won't. I don't recall making any changes to my alignment. At least now I know that it is not due to some mis-step on my part.


I don't think it should be required by the software to use curves between tangents on the channel alignments. It serves no practical purpose with regard to the modeling process and just makes for unnecessary busy work. I have a lot of PI's in this alignment. I hope I don't have to add curves to all of them.

Neil Wilson (a.k.a. neilw)
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Re: export to hec ras

04-02-2012 12:42 PM in reply to: CityWF

I had a client with the same issue. I think I narrowed the issue down to the fact that the surface that was being exported was created from a corridor. I created a new surface from the corridor surface, sampled that new surface, and it exported just fine.



Brian Hailey
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Re: export to hec ras

10-05-2012 04:58 PM in reply to: CityWF

Has this been fixed?  I am getting blank Hec Ras output files too.  So frustrated.....



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Re: export to hec ras

12-13-2012 03:48 PM in reply to: CityWF

In case anyone else runs into issues, here are two things I have found while exporting and importing.


1. Import the .geo as GIS Format. This is not intuitive, but it will make sure the data comes in.


2. Do not allow you alignment to extend past the extents of your surface. Doing so will cause the reach line to do odd things like appearing no where near your cross sections.


Have fun!

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Re: export to hec ras

12-13-2012 05:01 PM in reply to: breichel

Oh, and flow direction and cross section stationing still come into HEC RAS  backwards from Civil 3D, in Civil 3D 2013. :smileyvery-happy:

Fred Ernst, PE
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Ernst Engineering
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