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Editing data in ArcSDE slow and buggy

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10-05-2012 08:15 AM

We've got GIS data stored in an ArcSDE database that we want to read/write/edit from Civil 3D via a connection. Any editing seems dreadfully slow (large dataset) and there are a lot of check-in/check-out problems...

"Cannot refresh layer. Drawing has checked out features." even though I've tried checking it back in.

"Feature was not processed because operation has been terminated prematurely." I'm trying some basic editing, but the feature seems stuck in limbo-land, saying it's checked out but not able to be checked in.


From what I've found on these forums, there doesn't seem to be a lot of success with editing via SDE connections... maybe the successful stories just don't show up here.


Using: Civil 3D 2012, ArcGIS 10, 64 bit.


Any help or suggestions for a fairly new Civil 3D (Map 3D) user?

Kevin W.
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Re: Editing data in ArcSDE slow and buggy

04-23-2013 12:56 PM in reply to: kwiggles

Hey Kevin,


I'm getting the same thing here, using the same, Civil 3D 2012,  64 bit, ArcGIS 10.1.


I'm getting features that I can't check back in and I can't find anyone else talking about it, as well as the slow performance.


Did you ever find a solution to any of these?


Thanks sir,

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