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Re: ditch profile & alignment assembly question

01-02-2013 06:30 AM in reply to: nostupidquestions

If you switch from the Roadway mode to the Layout mode in Subassembly Composer's Preview pane then you should see what it will look like when inserted into a subassembly in Civil 3D. This setting ignores all targets for calculation purposes since there are no targets associated with an assembly prior to being part of a corridor. You will need to change some of your default values that the targets override in order to get a link to display (you will want to change a 0 somewhere). 

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Re: ditch profile & alignment assembly question

01-02-2013 06:55 AM in reply to: KMercier_C3D

sweet! that got it. thank you very much.

i listened to the 2 presentations about the subassembly composer and i followed what was going on but to learn it i think i need something a little more basic. any recommendations?

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