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Data Shortcuts limitations

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07-07-2014 04:50 AM



We are using a dynamic workflow where we can target out subassemblies to edge of travelways designed in third party software.

We use the 3d polylines created in the third party software and wrote a tool which creates an alignement and a profile automaticly from the 3d data of the polyline. We can create data ahortcuts of the alignments and profiles, so when the 3d polylines are updated all we have to do is use the tool again en update the data shortcuts. That way we don't have to set all targets again.


Now all works perfectly fine untill we reach about 100 data shortcuts in one project folder, at that point Civil 3D gets confused and will randomly not show vertical alignments in civil 3d anymore while the xml file exists in the folder structure.


Is this a known issue?



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Re: Data Shortcuts limitations

08-19-2014 06:13 AM in reply to: rbastiaans

This does sound like a bug and although I wasn't able to find anything that says it's a "known issue", that doesn't mean that it's NOT one.


I can't tell you how often (if at all) it's been reported to them. But if nobody reports it (such as assuming that someone else already has), then they'll never know about it -- and the more people who DO report it, the more chance it'll get fixed/added.

Bug reports/feature requests can be sent at the following address.

And if you're on subscription, I'd also open a support ticket reporting the bug/feature request that way too.

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Re: Data Shortcuts limitations

08-20-2014 08:31 AM in reply to: rbastiaans

I have seen something similar when new alignments and profiles were created by using a SAVEAS on an existing alignment drawing file.  After creating the new file, the alignment and profiles were renamed.  The problem with this was that the new alignment and profiles will have the same handles as in the original file, and data shortcuts use entity handles to identify source data.


If this happens, you may be able to fix it by editing the data shortcuts' "Use to match" property to "Name only".  This can be done with the Data Shortcuts Editor program.  It is located in the Civil 3D program folder in the Windows Start menu.



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