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Cross Sections and modeling

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01-16-2013 08:30 AM

Please help.

I am working on modeling a road that has a varying curb line on one side.  The sidewalk is to remain at a set distance from the centerline.  So the tree lawn is changing width.  How do I or what do I use to create an assembly to show that.  I have already created a horizontal alignment so the edge of pavement and curb follow it.  I have placed a urban sidewalk at the specified distance.  It just changes elevation with the centerline profile.  my road sub assembly is set to change width and hold grade.  so as the edge of pavement moves in, the elevation is raising.  btw, the cross section is a 2% cross slope.  Hope this makes sence.  I dont quite get all the linked offset to stuff assemblies.  I have attached a picture of the tree lawn section.  The tree lawn needs to match to grade on the opposite side of the sidewalk.  (2%).

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Re: Cross Sections and modeling

01-16-2013 09:16 AM in reply to: trynders

add an alignment for the front of sidewalk and add thae target to the sw sub. if you are holding existing you can profile it too.


If I'm hearin ya right?

Thank you

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