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Creating entities at surface elevation

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03-31-2004 08:01 PM
Someone asked this the other day in our Webcast. Is there a way to insert a symbol at the DTM elevation? One of the Product Designers showed my how the "Coordinate Tracker" utility can be used to both track and input X, Y, and Z data. General -> Utilities -> Coordinate Tracker The utility tracks the X,Y location from AutoCAD and the Z from the surface that you define (you can change the current surface in the tracker). By typing in "cntrl-Shift-Z" at the command line, the utility will capture the XYZ of the curser. There are then 3 elongated buttons below the coordinate values that you can use to input the following values into the command line: XY XYZ Z Example. Start the 3D poly command (straight AutoCAD) with the Tracker running. Move to the starting location and type the Cntrl-Shift-Z sequence. Pick the long bar that inputs all 3 of those values. Now the first vertex of the 3D poly has been drawn using the DTM elevation. One Note! - We just discovered a bug that requires that you remove the unit value that shows up after the Z value. For instance, when working in feet, you'll need to delete the ft marker. In Meters, you'll see a M value. Just click in the Z edit box in the tracker and delete the value. Hope this helps someone somewhere... DAS
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