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Corridors, alignments and profiles?

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01-27-2005 08:18 AM
Pardon my newbie-ness if this has been convered before ...

I want to build a corridor along a centerline alignment that extends from 0+00 to 11+50. The profile for that centerline alignment extends from 0+00 to 12+00, and has a vertical curve between 10+00 and 12+00.

Does the length of the profile have to match the length of the alignment in order for the corridor creation tools to work? Or, should I create a profile with a length compatible with the horizontal alignment?

Thanks in advance ...
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Re: Corridors, alignments and profiles?

01-27-2005 09:14 AM in reply to: dooly
Correct me if I am wrong but you have an alignment that only goes to station 11+50 but you have a profile that goes to station 12+00? I don't get this. Why would you have a profile that goes longer than the alignment. What I would do is have the alignment go the entire length and then produce a corridor that stops at 11+50. You can have a profile that is shorter than the alignment but you really can't have the alignment shorter than the profile. Does this make sense? The alignment can be any length you want but the profile really can't be any longer than the alignment it can be shorter however. You can create a corridor on any length of the alignment it does not have to start at the beginning or finish at the end.

Don't know if this is much help or not.

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Re: Corridors, alignments and profiles?

01-27-2005 09:36 AM in reply to: dooly
Knowing that I can create a corridor along any length of alignment was the help I needed. I can easily extend my alignment to fully enclose the profile.

Why the whacky alignment? I've got a road that ends at a cul-de-sac, part of which falls on a vertical curve. I'm creating additional alignments at the cul-de-sac to use with the basic lane transition tool. If I'm successfull I'll post a sketch that illustrates the method used.

Again, knowing that a corridor can be built along a portion of an alignment is definitely a big help. Thanks for the reply!
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