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Re: Copy General Note Labels between drawings?

10-25-2007 07:37 AM in reply to: Sinc
I don't quite follow you about the tool palette...

As for custom programming, that is not an option because the labels are not exposed in the API.

I actually ended up exploding the labels into MTEXT and copying the MTEXT into my target drawing. Then I used Copy and Paste to copy the contents of the MTEXT into new labels, and deleting the MTEXT when I was done.
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Re: Copy General Note Labels between drawings?

10-25-2007 09:11 AM in reply to: Sinc
Sorry about that, I don't use the general notes very much. I was hoping that they might work simiiliar to QL worked in the past and prompt you for the text after the selection so that you could paste in your text from an ADDNOTELABEL macro.

It doesn't appear that that works. A real waste.
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Re: Copy General Note Labels between drawings?

01-24-2013 08:09 AM in reply to: Sinc

The work around I came up with is as follows:

Open the drawing that has the notes you want to copy as Read Only.

Rename the style of the notes you want to copy so that the word "copy" appears as the end.

For example, if the style name is "Existing Conditions", you would rename it "Existing Conditions (Copy)".

Next, select the notes you want to copy and paste them into the desired destination drawing.

This works because you are pasting a new style into your destination drawing. You cannot paste notes from a style that already exists into a destination drawing. Because the source drawing was opened as Read Only, you just close it when you are done without saving.

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Re: Copy General Note Labels between drawings?

03-20-2013 05:58 AM in reply to: DesignerGuy1961 great!!! Wish there was a way to show this as a solution....I gave kudos, but wante to get this one back at the top of the list.


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Re: Copy General Note Labels between drawings?

03-21-2013 05:14 AM in reply to: dhenderhan

Thanks, David. I just wish Autodesk would fix this so we wouldn't need a work around. One thing I failed to mention in my previous post, and it's probably obvious, but you can only paste notes from the renamed style into the destination drawing once. Once you paste the notes in, that renamed style now exists in the destination drawing. The way around this is to go into the source drawing again (read only to be safe) and rename the style again with "copy1" at the end. You could do this as many times as necessary. "copy1", "copy2", "copy3", etc. But again, this is probably obvious. I just thought I'd go ahead and mention it to be thorough. 

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Re: Copy General Note Labels between drawings?

05-08-2013 09:18 AM in reply to: Sinc

Sinc wrote:
The issue is not with the styles.

I have a bunch of General Note Labels all created in one drawing. They all have different text in them, however, added using the "Edit label text..." option. When these labels are copied, they lose the text overrides, and reset to the generic text from the style.

It's similar to the problem where changing the style of an existing Label causes the text overrides to be lost.

Yeah, that is exactly what the problem is and I have run into it too, many times.  The fact that you cannot copy a note to another drawing if the style already exists in the destination drawing, or even change the style for a existing note without it resetting the text back to the default text of the note style is one of the most retarded things I have ever seen.  Do they really expect me to create a different general note style for ever unique note that I need to create?  Because that's not going to happen.  I was really hoping that they would fix this in 2014, but I see that they have not.

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Re: Copy General Note Labels between drawings?

05-15-2013 11:26 AM in reply to: Sinc

Text overrides definitely have an undesirable behavior - I wish I had discovered that before promoting them in our office - someone wants to change the style of a bunch of things, it wipes out the text overrides.  Since text overides are part of the style and likely rely on a text construct in the style with the same name, I can see there is a logic problem simply copying the overide where text fields may not match.  


A couple of potential easy fixes:

-Create a program that would allow you to select an object with text override and turn it into a unique style. (Are text overrides incorporated into the API?)   You could then use this on all the notes, then copy and paste. 


-Autodesk could modify the program to take anything with a text override on paste and have it create a new style out of it.  If the expeced behavior was ever desired (I can't remotely see where it would be desired) then the question could be posed. 


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