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Civil 3D 2012 in Windows 8 not stable

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12-17-2012 02:23 PM

just tested.


no good. don't do it.


just a friendly warning. stick with 2013+win8




2012 + win7.


crashes all the time editing alignment/profile. (better). and corridors. (very bad).

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Re: Civil 3D 2012 in Windows 8 not stable

12-17-2012 02:26 PM in reply to: wang890

Since we are on the topic.....


I've seen a lot of posts on Win8 + Civil 3D


Why are people trying this combo?

What is so attractive about Win8?

What does Win8 give you that Win7 doesn't?



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Re: Civil 3D 2012 in Windows 8 not stable

12-17-2012 04:28 PM in reply to: rkmcswain

I think some of the posts aren't necessarily people trying this combo, when you buy a new computer you don't always have the choice of operating system.  The correct answer is simply not to buy that computer if that's the case, or demand that Win 7 be installed.  Not everybody is aware of this though and not everyone is aware that Civil 3D may not run properly.  Some people just assume it will.  You and I know this, but not everyone does.


I think that answers the why for many people; I have no idea about the rest.  I suppose some users will like the interface better.  I really have no idea about Win 8 other than the interface is different.

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Re: Civil 3D 2012 in Windows 8 not stable

12-18-2012 10:23 AM in reply to: mathewk

Yeah, I agree that you should be able to get a new computer with Win 7 instead of Win 8. That's what I would do if I was buying a new machine. You can always upgrade to Win 8 after Civil 3D is supported.


Here's my deal. I'm running Civil 3D occassionally at home on a 5+ year-old machine that originally came with Win XP. It's a Core 2 Duo 6400 with 2 GB RAM. Things we're getting to the point where it was taking several minutes for XP to completely boot up, so it was time to re-format the hard drive and do a clean install of everything. Instead of putting XP back on I upgraded to Win 8 for $40, which runs fantastically on that machine - much better than XP ever did. Takes no time at all to boot up, and performance is great. I'd never revert back to XP so I'm sticking with Win 8/Civil 3D 2013. For the most part C3D 2013 runs fine, although I've had some crashes, but I'm not even sure if the crashes are due to Win 8 or C3D as plenty of folks have been crashing with Win 7 too. I am looking forward to Civil 3D being officially supported on Win 8 and hope it happens before C3D 2014. :smileywink:

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