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Cannot work Sheet Set Manager

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05-04-2012 05:21 AM

Hi guys


I am struggling to get SSM to work in C3D.  I have never really used it in normal AutoCAD, so totally new to it.  I have setup a plan an profile *.dwt template with our companies title block in it, and populated the attributs with sheet set fields.  But when I go through the Plan & Production process, it populates the SSM with mny sheets, but I dont think it has used my fields, as when I right click the sheets and go to properties, I cannot see the custom fields I put in the title block :smileysad:  what am I doing wrong?  What is the process of getting these fields into my SSM?




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Re: Cannot work Sheet Set Manager

05-04-2012 07:28 AM in reply to: bigmaz
You don't get field into a sheet set. Your fields read information from a sheet set. Give us an example of the fields you are using. Unless you've created custom sheet set fields in your title block. You'll need to add those to your sheet set properties.

If you haven't already done so, read Heidi Hewitt's PDF called "Sheets_Happen.pdf" which can be found on google.
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Re: Cannot work Sheet Set Manager

05-04-2012 08:08 AM in reply to: bigmaz

Don't expect to get SSM to work straight away...!!!!! You'll really need to get the pdf referred to in Matt's reply as this is considered to be the "Sheet Set Bible"


It took me a while to get the SSM to a basic workable state (for my purposes) without including attributes that refer to other sheets etc etc


You need to make sure the templates are correct and that you refer to them when going through the wizard

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Re: Cannot work Sheet Set Manager

05-04-2012 08:24 AM in reply to: bigmaz

If you created a title block with all the custom fields, make sure you create a mock up sheet set that has all the custom properties matching the custom property fields in the title block.


When you create a new sheet set, create it from "An example sheet set" and choose the mock up dst file. After you start one in this way, the title block that was created with that mock up set will work with any of the new projects.


Generally, to create a mock up set, I start a new sheet set from scratch, add all the custom properties I need, then add a sheet to it (or subsets along with thier unique sheets). Then in that sheet, I then add the title block with the custom property fields. Save this Sheet Set and it's drawings in a template type folder so you can always create new ones from that set. Create blocks out of the title blocks for easy drag and drop from the tool pallette for new sheets.


I hope I was clear enough, in my head it sounded good.




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Re: Cannot work Sheet Set Manager

05-04-2012 08:45 AM in reply to: ArchD

Great, thanks a lot guys for your help :smileyhappy:  really helpful as usual.


Its beer o'clock here, so will need to try this on Tuesday when I am back at work.  Have a great weekend folks :smileyhappy:

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