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Cannot select or delete viewport. Problem solved?

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07-07-2014 10:40 AM

Cannot select or delete viewport.  Problem solved?


I had a case with rogue vport.  It was on top of another identical in place and size.  Three in the layout, actually, two visible and workable, one not.  I turned all layers on, thawed all layers, checked layout freeze/thaw statuses, and so on.  Nothing.  I did a search and found many people with similar issues.  Read about clipping and re-clipping, QSELECT, etc., and none of that worked for me.


Started playing with some buttons on the bottom tray.  Selected "Maximize Viewport" (you must be in the vport to do this), re-clicked the same button to minimize, and the boundary popped up and stayed there.  (It was on the same layer as the other vports, btw.)  I was then able to select the vport and delete it.


I won't claim this will work for everybody, but am posting this as something to try should somebody do a search sometime in the future.

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Re: Cannot select or delete viewport. Problem solved?

09-12-2014 12:26 PM in reply to: deltacoolguy

We were having the exact same problem in my office laast week.... I will pass on.  Thanks!

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