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Calculating Pipe Cover Depth

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10-22-2012 11:51 AM

We're trying to start using Civil 3d's takeoff features.


Contractors bill us for burying pipe based on how deep they have to dig the trench. 0-6 feet is one price, then each 2ft after that adds additional (but varying) cost.


This is charged per LINEAR FOOT, not per pipe. So if a 100-ft length of pipe trench has a depth of 6 ft for the first 20 feet, then slopes up to 7 ft depth for 40 feet, then back down for next rest of the way, you'd have 60 ft charged at the 0-6 foot price and 40 ft charged at the 6-8ft price.


The Quick Takeoff tool allows pricing per linear foot for pipe, but only based on the AVERAGE depth of the pipe. Because the cost of additional depth can vary, I don't think I can make a formula that calculates the cost correctly.


I think the value could be calculated if I could create a corridor from the pipe, as I could then create a corridor surface and do a volume takeoff between the ground and pipe surfaces. there any way to create a surface or corridors from a pipe notwork?


OR...maybe a way to label the points on a profile where the pipe cover is exactly 6ft, 8ft, 10ft, etc.


OR....any other solution that might give a correct answer to charging based on pipe cover per foot.

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Re: Calculating Pipe Cover Depth

10-22-2012 08:00 PM in reply to: admin



One way I heard of is using a invert profile line and then the combined geometery report in the UK country kits to get depths to invert at 1 metre intervals in excel and the summing them up.


This is just another area where Autodesk have failed to study what happens in the real world and implement it into their software package in a usable way.


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Re: Calculating Pipe Cover Depth

10-23-2012 07:19 AM in reply to: ralstogj

That's what I want to do (since there is no built-in way). But I have many alignments in this network. Is there any way to more quickly create the invert profiles? I have gone as far even as trying to export the pipes as SDF and use mapimport to try to get lines for a temporary surface but every way I try comes in at 0 elevation. 


When you explode a pipe in plan view, it becomes a block, then when I explode the block it becomes a line. The line has Z coordinates of 0. Why? Why does not not use the invert values or the pipe centerline and become a 3d line?!


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