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C3D VERY slow to open, AutoCAD normal (Both 2012)

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11-20-2012 04:53 PM

We are having a problem in the office with a few of our drawings with involve a resemble number of xref's and some long allignments along corridored and trimed surfaces.


The drawings are painfully (10 min) slow to open on C3D 2012, on a range of computers (some very new....32 gig ram, quadro 4000, i7, windows 7 64bit, etc). Opening the same drawing on standard AutoCAD seems to open no problem, still slowish but expected. 


Have been through many boards and have so far tried the following without any luck



-resetting scales

-checking xrefs


Still at a loss as to what to do...


Anyone else come across the same issue or know what else to try?



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Re: C3D VERY slow to open, AutoCAD normal (Both 2012)

11-21-2012 12:47 AM in reply to: jagreve

Try to check if acadlspasdoc is set to 1 change it to 0.

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Re: C3D VERY slow to open, AutoCAD normal (Both 2012)

11-21-2012 09:00 AM in reply to: jagreve

While you are opening the drawing, have a look in the lower left corner of the screen.  Does it say something like


Reading Triangles...

Syncronizing References....


I'd be interested to see what it is that takes the longest.  When you're opening a drawing in Civil it looks at all the Civil objects, whereas when you open in regular ACAD it can just ignore them, so it goes faster.  I think that the corridors will probably be taking quite a lot of resourses.  Since everything is dynamic, it all has to be checked over when the file opens.  I'm not sure if there is a fix for this.  I wonder if having alignments locally rather than data shortcut in would reduce the amount of 'thinking' that the program has to do while opening.

Don't suppose there's any way you can split the project into 10 sections?  Sounds like a nightmare I know.  It's easier to do if planned from the start rather than changing in midstream.

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