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AutoCAD Civil 3D General Discussion

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Re: AutoCAD usage by DOTs

02-28-2012 09:57 AM in reply to: DarrenP

more info on Promos:

there is also a 0% finacing promo going on also

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Re: AutoCAD usage by DOTs

02-28-2012 10:06 AM in reply to: bwyarger

El Dorado County in California only uses C3D.


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Re: AutoCAD usage by DOTs

02-28-2012 10:22 AM in reply to: tshulbert

Power InRoads and PowerGEOPAK contain both Rendering (Luxology) and Annimation toolset also inc. are MAP, Navigator, Point clouds, connection to Sketch up (IE work with sketch up models)...


As for Infrastructure modeler... with SS3 I can create a better prilimanary design using the Civil design tools in virtually the same ammount of time - and the Rendering and annimation outputted would be the same quality as 3D studio...


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Re: AutoCAD usage by DOTs

03-01-2012 03:50 PM in reply to: DarrenP

The following have switched to Civil 3D, in the process of making the switch or allow multiple deliverables:


  • Alaska DOT
  • California DOT
  • Florida DOT
  • Massachusetts DOT
  • Wisconsin DOT


Some other Gov't Agencies worth mentioning:


  • U.S. Army Corp. of Engineers
  • U.S. Bureau of Land Management
  • Countless City and County Departments in various states -- I know of quite a few -- too many to list.


I love the banter that always comes up with Autodesk Vs. Bentley products. I believe someone in this thread referred to Bentley as the "Leader" ??? Really? Since when? Maybe a leader in terms of Gov't use but I'd have to leave it there... oh wait, case in point: how long did it take for MicroStation to allow for more than 63 levels that you couldn’t even name??? Leader? I think not!


Saying Caltrans chose Civil 3D because they didn't allow Bentley to compete should've been an indication of what will probably become a growing trend... It was a no compete because they were using CAiCE they even chose CAiCE over GEOPAK or InRoads. Why would Caltrans want to move backwards by selecting InRoads or GEOPAK?


And asking if Autodesk supports 10 yr old software? What software company, other than Bentley does that? What company needs to? Maybe a vanishing one...


I've personally used Autodesk (LDD, C3D) and Bentley (GEOPAK and InRoads) for well over a decade. The future in engineering design applications will be based on how quick one can get information out of a particular design.


Since it takes so long using any Bentley product to produce a desired design, then report calcs/analysis and produce sheets, it makes sense that the Gov't agencies are switching. Civil 3D can do it quicker --information is real-time at every instant of the design process dynamic --modeling is the key.


I’m sure this will get a few comebacks from the naysayers but you really have no legs, err… model to stand on! Like how I threw that in there? I crack me up sometimes!

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Re: AutoCAD usage by DOTs

03-01-2012 04:20 PM in reply to: bwyarger

I'm in Denver Colorado where CDOT uses MicroStation / InRoads.  I'm a long time user of MicroStation and InRoads but have 6 years experience using Civil 3D find it very useful.  Our submittals to CDOT are electronic PDF's, some produced in MicroStation, some produced in C3D.  CDOT has a strict CADD Standard for the way plots should look which we follow in both platforms so they look identical when PDF's are produced.  Exchanging data files with other consultants is usually in the form of XML files that are imported or exported through either platform. 

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Re: AutoCAD usage by DOTs

03-01-2012 05:25 PM in reply to: ballen

ballen ( I would use your name but I can see why you would want to reveal it with the piece of Fiction you posted)


Regarding your summary of Cal trans- First its obvious you have NO inside information


FYI - Both InRoads and GEOPAK outscored Civil 3D in the benchmark held by Caltrans a few yrs back. The deal never moved forward because of a dispute over O&M software Bentley was also providing.


C3Ds score in the last Caltrans Benchmark where they competed against NOONE shows very little improvement over the score where both InRoads and GEOPAK outscored them (public record)


You asked what software other than BENTLEY supports 10 Yr old software

There is a little company out there you ma have heard of "Microsoft"


Someone like yourself who may never have worked on a major project would NOT see a need to support legacy data, however the largest of projects such as T-REX were not designed and built in a 3 yr Autodesk format release cycle.


And I question how much you worked with Bentley Products when both Roadway designer Coridor Modeler) and GEOPAK Site have been creating 3D models well before C3D was even a product.


I have no doubt YOU can do it quicker on C3D, But I also have no doubt I can keep up with you on those small jobs with Bentleys products.  Eventually though a project size will exceed C3D and coridor modeler will excel... PS Site Modeler is 12 yrs old and C3D still cannot grade a site like we can ;-). Bentley Civil was designed for thos difficult projects... of couse they can do tthe smaller ones.


Mike Barkasi

Bentley Civil

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Re: AutoCAD usage by DOTs

03-14-2012 06:30 AM in reply to: mike.barkasi

Is there a Bentley forum you should be advertising on?


Sorry I prefer to get info from Civil D users on this forum. 


My advise would be jump on the civil D train now while you can.  With state and local budgets the way they are, local DOT's will be outsourcing all of there work to the private sector and if most private companies us Civil D they will most likely follow suit.  I feel for Bentley users but I would advise you to learn civil D.


Just my thought becuz us gobment workers taint smart!!!   :smileytongue:



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Re: AutoCAD usage by DOTs

03-14-2012 01:11 PM in reply to: DarrenP


7/29/2011 the day the largest DOT in the World choose Civil 3D....


So Mike how many of your old coworkers are now working for Autodesk?

How many colleges outside of TN are using/teaching Geopak? How many if any are teaching your Civil Site?

How quickly could we get someone on site to help out with a project we might have?

How many days of training does to take to learn how to design roads? Survey, surfaces, alignments, Profiles, templates, xsections.........earthworks.......  how many was that again? And you said it was easier than C3D.... and what about intersections?


How many total users do you really have? 47 DOT's heck we have 47 companies just in MN....


How local resellers does Bentley have in the USA? Outside FL? How much is the shipping and handling.....


And when like Eagle Point will you guys come out with a Civil 3D interface/tool like Eagle Point did a few years ago? (Our number one competitor up here in MN is Eagle Point selling C3D)


And why do you guys support not one, not two, but three road design packages? Geopak,Inroads, MXROADS....


Mike file out your resume and send it in! I'm sure there are one or two ex. Bentley employees at Autodesk that could help you learn C3D!


Bill Neuhauser P.E.



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Re: AutoCAD usage by DOTs

03-14-2012 02:38 PM in reply to: billneu08



Good to hear from you .. I thought maybe you got the memo from Autodesk not to talk with me ;-)


I believe unless something has changed VDOT (Virginia) is organizationally the largest DOT. They us GEOPAK


Is it really a win (CalTrans) when Bentley wasnt allowed to compete?... besides ask one of those ex Bentley (the red haired guy) employees who won Caltrans when we did compete...


I kinda dont have much respect for those people who were lured away By Autodesk... Besides the cream still remains with Bentley...


If your in the neighborhood next week I will be at the MNDOT surveyors conference at Breezy Point... would love to meet you.


Mike Barkasi

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Re: AutoCAD usage by DOTs

03-14-2012 02:59 PM in reply to: DarrenP
Mike, I don't work for Autodesk and I don't troll other boards. But I see you still have plenty of my above questions yet too answer, so don't let me take up any of your time so you can answer them. Sorry I won't be in MN next week, busy training IHS and BIA. More govn agencies to add to the list! Enjoy the warm weather while you here!
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