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Alignment offset

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04-23-2013 12:40 PM

I need to link my offset curb and gutter to my corridor I have my target set. but the problem is the my target link only

my edge of pavement. How do I get my corridor and offset profile to link to the gutter line in my subassembly?


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Re: Alignment offset

04-23-2013 12:50 PM in reply to: JBR-1

Work from your flowline back to the centerline.


Put a generic link attached the assembly and have it target the flowline.

Put a generc link attached to that link that goes back to the edge of asphalt.

Attach the curb and gutter to that link as well as the lane.

Have the lane target back to the centerline alignment and profile.

Change the properties of the two generic links "Omit Link" to Yes.


Now your flowline alignment and profile and your centerline alignment and profile can change as much as they want and everything will be linked up.

Brian Hailey
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Re: Alignment offset

04-30-2013 10:11 AM in reply to: BrianHailey
Is there a way to have have my centerline alignmnet be the ref. for my back of curb alignment. When I go to the BOC alignment propertys box I can not sync my centerline station to BOC alignment, So when I look at my back of curb profile I want it to ref my centerline station not its own station
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