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Add-Ins Ribbon Tab

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02-08-2013 12:46 PM

Hi, I'm sure for someone out there, this is a really basic question. I'm just getting a headache trying to figure it out though! I started downloading a few AutoCAD "plug-ins" and for each one, it makes a new tab on my ribbon. I am wanting to put all my plug-in commands onto 1 "plug-in" or "add-in" tab to clear the clutter. Simplest way to do this? And is there a way to get it so it automaticallly puts newly downloaded plugins on the right tab as well? I tried to follow the instructions in the help file:


When you load a partial CUIx file with ribbon tabs, you can use the Workspace Behavior property to control how the ribbon tabs might be displayed in all existing workspaces.

The Add Tab Only option displays the ribbon tab as its own tab, while the Merge Tab Only option merges the ribbon tab with a ribbon tab in the main CUIx file that is assigned the same alias. The Merge or Add Tab option attempts to merge the ribbon tab before a new ribbon tab is created on the ribbon.


NoteYou might need to use the CUILOAD command to reload a partial CUIx file in order for the ribbon tabs to be properly added to all existing workspaces. Reloading a partial CUIx file will affect the display of all its ribbon tabs.

The Plug-ins ribbon tab found in the acad.cuix, or acadlt.cuix, utilizes the concept of merging multiple ribbon tabs from all the currently loaded CUIx files into a single ribbon tab. If you create custom applications, you can merge a ribbon tab that contains your commands on it with the Plug-ins tab.

If you want to merge your ribbon tab with the Plug-ins tab, change the following properties of your ribbon tab to:


  • Default Display: Add to workspaces
  • Workspace Behavior: Merge or add tab
  • Aliases: ID_ADDINSTAB <---these were all already my settings.

Thank you!

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Re: Add-Ins Ribbon Tab

02-10-2013 01:24 AM in reply to: rachelc11

Haven't tried this myself but have a look here

If this fixed your issue, click on "Accept as Solution"

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Re: Add-Ins Ribbon Tab

02-10-2013 01:30 AM in reply to: andrewpuller3811

You can drag and drop the commands. Drag to your workspace. Switch to add-ins. And drop it in there.  Not sure how to get rid of the tabs though.

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