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2015 civil 3d upgrade

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05-09-2014 10:58 AM

upgraded to civil 3d 2015 from 2010 and called my drawing up and my rim elevations show up as ??? and my profiles don't even show up.  My surface is there and when I hover over manholes it gives me the fg elevation but the text shows ???.  All layers are thawed and on, profiles are not there they seem to be gone, this is not good. I'm hoping someone out here can tell me its a button or something simple that needs to be corrected.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: 2015 civil 3d upgrade

05-09-2014 11:28 AM in reply to: rjg915

ok, for some reason all my structures and pipes switched from my fg surface to none.  Not sure why, but now in process of switching them all back.  I was able to copy/paste my profiles from a previous drawing and then send all my pipes to the respective profiles.  Still would like to know why this happened and is it a bug in 2015 civil 3d because I can't do this for all my drawings.

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Re: 2015 civil 3d upgrade

05-10-2014 12:40 AM in reply to: rjg915

I don't use the pipe functions so couldn't comment but given the number of reported bugs/issues with 2015 there is every chance this is another one

(No connection with Autodesk other than using the products in the real world)

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Re: 2015 civil 3d upgrade

05-10-2014 08:32 AM in reply to: rjg915

We had a similiar issue in switching from 2012 to 2014 in terms of the profiles not showing up.  We actually had this issue with our surfaces as well.  The surfaces we got to work by converting those first.  We still are not sure what is causing the profile issue but we have a strict rule in our office where if a person is converting a project, create a backup just in case issues like this arise.  We in turn have exported all of our files with profiles to 2D files and then xref them into 2014 so we can reuild them.  Fortunately we did not have many profiles and this was an acceptable work around for us.  But we were not going to wait around for a fix as this was the only way we could keep working on these projects.  For others, this may not be a valid solution.

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Re: 2015 civil 3d upgrade

05-10-2014 08:51 AM in reply to: rjg915
If your drawing includes pipenetworks which have been added with a Datereference AND the base drawing containing that Pipenetwork has also beeen Xref'ed, there is a known issue whose result is pretty much as you describe. If you manually execute the SYNCHORNIZEREFERENCES does everything then look correct? If so, this is something that was introduced in C3D 2012 SP2 and persists through C3D2015. The only known way to avoid this is to be sure to never Xref & Dref the pipe network into the same drawing.
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Re: 2015 civil 3d upgrade

05-10-2014 09:35 AM in reply to: rjg915

We've had success using these steps when upgrading existing projects from older version to newer version

of Civil 3D, most recently to 2014 from 2012.

Prior to the following steps user profiles and Template updates to the newer version have been completed,

including setting the Pipe Networks Parts Catalog and Survey Settings. Then a test project is done prior to

rolling it out.

1. Manually set the Data shortcuts working folder as 2014 can't find it until folder has been set one initial time.

2. Open the base drawing containing survey & EG surface.

3. Set the Survey Database working folder, (the 2012 Survey Databases will have yellow warnings by them).
Rt. click on the heading "Survey Databases" top of prospector & choose "Migrate Databases" or they can also

be done individually if multiple sdb's by clicking on sdb name rt. click & choose "Migrate".

4. Rebuild any "out of date" Surfaces, Save & close the base dwg.

5. Open & Save all alignment \ profile\ corridor \ cross sections \ pipe network drawings until all C3d source

dwgs have been upgraded before opening any plan sheets.

6. Open & Save all c3d plan sheets  drawings.

When upgrading projects, following the same workflow that was used to create the project seems to make

a big difference.

We had occasional issues with a Finished Ground Profile Data Shortcut having to be recreated etc.

Overall all issues due to upgrading were very minor, in our case +/- 100 users were upgraded using the same

workflow and standards.


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Re: 2015 civil 3d upgrade

05-10-2014 11:03 AM in reply to: Jay_B

Jay, do you do any of this programmatically or is it done "by hand?" If you have 100+ users, I can imagine this being quite a task. You must have many hundreds or thousand of projects.



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Re: 2015 civil 3d upgrade

05-11-2014 03:54 PM in reply to: tcorey

Tim, not done programmatically, I guess more "by hand".


When we do an upgrade installs are typically done over a period of a month or so, "Office A"

first to test it in the project environment for a short time, then additional offices until complete.

I have a clean, separate Windows user account on my cpu for creating custom arg profiles

which are created starting with the OOTB C3d profiles. With each release each Tab in options
is reviewed & various settings are set using a "best for the masses" approach.


Multiple offices are set up with exactly the same folder structures for DWt's, plotting, linetypes,etc.

on a "read only" cad server which replicates content from main office to other offices.


Desktop icons are created for each office,  utilizing office specific arg profile switches for C3d and

C3d as vanilla Acad.
A readme.txt file containing the icon instructions is placed in folder containing all desktop icons.

Pretty simple, launch OOTB C3d Imperial icon, import 2 custom arg profiles>exit C3d>Drag 2 icons to

Desktop. Launch using Custom icon and begin working, mapped the same as fellow users.


Every office has the exact same folder structure & "office specific" variables in our setup are things like:

Template paths, title block office addresses and printers within Page Setups differ.

Plotter config search paths.


And very few other "regional" exceptions to exact same setups office to office.


It's a boilermaker setup of sorts that's been working well for us here.


Apologies for somewhat hijacking the thread here. :smileyhappy:








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